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Maui Whale Season

For more than one reason, the Island of Maui is consistently rated the Best Island in the world. Not only do the visitors and happy locals of Maui know this, but so do the humpback whales. Year after year, the humpback whales travel from cool Alaskan waters all the way to warm Hawaiian oceans for their annual winter breeding.

They are first spotted in Maui’s waters as early as October and their presence gradually increases as more pods and escorts finally arrive in Hawaii just in time for the holiday season. Maui’s Whale Season runs from mid-Fall to April. The peak season for watching whales is generally during the latter part of the season; January, February and March.

Whale watching trip
Whale watching trip
whale watching maui snorkel

Snorkeling while on a Maui Whale Watching tour is truly the best of both worlds. You’ll get to see North Pacific humpback whales in all their immense glory, while also snorkeling in some of the most diverse underwater worlds. It’s an experience quite unlike any other.


Snorkeling in Maui is an absolute must-experience. You will revel in the beauty and take delight in observing the behaviors of tri-colored Moorish idols, rainbow and many more varieties of butterflyfish, ornate angelfish, saddle wrasse, triggerfish, and so much more.

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Sights along the majestic Maui Coast

Trip Duration

3.5 hours
(2 PM – 5:30 PM)



Whales biology
Whale Mugging Behavior[sc_embed_player fileurl=""]
Only male humpback whales sing! They sing in their breeding grounds to attract females, and ward off other males. The singers are lone animals, singing 50-60 feet below the oceans surface with their heads pointing down and their tails pointed up. Their songs can last from 20-40 minutes, and are liken to a complex classical music when broken down into specific phrases and units.
Whale Mugging Conservation
Whales migration map
Whales conservation
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  • We had a blast.
    We had a great time. We saw whales as promised. We saw flukes and tails up close within 100 yds. We saw breeching at a much greater distance but it was still impressive. There were lots of boats out and some got much closer views of the whales and breeching but i highly suspect that this is more related to luck than captain skill. Whales do what they want. Snorkling spot was beautiful and the slide was alot of fun.
  • One of a kind Crew
    Huge shout out to the wonderful crew Cpt. Matt, Savannah, Kana and Takako! The crew was friendly and made me feel very comfortable and safe! I have a huge phobia of fish and swimming, this was the very first time I was comfortable enough to experience snorkling and seeing the incredible coral fish and reef thanks to Takako kindly guiding with my equipment and guiding me where to swim! Wow it was incredible!! The water slide was also super fun for all ages, it was an absolute blast. Thank you for making my experience as special as u all did. Cheers!
  • Beautiful Sunset / Excellent Evening
    We were on the Pride of Maui at the very end of March 2022. We had had a very full day and I have to tell you, I was a bit tired getting on to the boat. I wasn't sure what to expect. But WOW what a delightful time. Our captain was just the best. We knew we were at the "tail" end of whale season, but we happened upon several different whales during the evening. We also saw some dolphins. We were positioned perfectly for sunset and we were able to get some great photos and help others get great photos as well. James and Jodi did a fantastic job entertaining, greeting, and serving. I felt like my family was having a night out with their family. Some of the things I like to read in a review are to follow. Yes there is a bathroom on the ship. Yeah! Yes it is very easy to board the boat. We had a ramp to use. And the staff was right there in case you needed an extra hand. Yes there was alcohol, but there was also water and soda. (I'm not much of a drinker.) Hope that helps. Enjoy!
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