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Maui Whale Watching

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Our destinations are weather dependent. Mother Nature nearly always cooperates. On days of inclement weather, Captain may select alternate locations where the conditions are safe and offer the best overall conditions.


What you can expect

Maui Whale Season

For more than one reason, the Island of Maui is consistently rated the Best Island in the world. Not only do the visitors and happy locals of Maui know this, but so do the humpback whales. Year after year, the humpback whales travel from cool Alaskan waters all the way to warm Hawaiian oceans for their annual winter breeding.

They are first spotted in Maui’s waters as early as October and their presence gradually increases as more pods and escorts finally arrive in Hawaii just in time for the holiday season. Maui’s Whale Season runs from mid-Fall to April. The peak season for watching whales is generally during the latter part of the season; January, February and March.

Whale watching trip
Whale watching trip
Whale sightings guaranteed

December is when the whales arrive, and they are not in full numbers until mid-January.

Whale sightings are guaranteed January through March only. Our guarantee includes a free pass for your next whale watching tour if no whales are sighted on your trip. Whale sightings are not guaranteed in December or April due to whale migration patterns during the arrival and departure periods. The whale sighting guarantee is good for free passes only, no refunds or cash value.

Whale singing
Only male humpback whales sing! They sing in their breeding grounds to attract females, and ward off other males. The singers are lone animals, singing 50-60 feet below the oceans surface with their heads pointing down and their tails pointed up. Their songs can last from 20-40 minutes, and are liken to a complex classical music when broken down into specific phrases and units.
Whales conservation
Whales migration map
Whales biology
Whales mating
Freshly prepared BBQ lunch

Your freshly prepared BBQ lunch includes big juicy burgers, hot dogs and marinated chicken breasts, as well as an open bar with ice cold micro brewed beer, regional wines, and tropical Mai Tais. Delicious homemade white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are baked fresh daily for your enjoyment.


  • This was our second trip to Maui but our first snorkeling trip and the team on the Pride of Maui did not disappoint. They were very helpful and friendly. Breakfast and lunch was great. We came during whale season and were able to see a great snow as the captain stopped the boat and let us watch the show. Snorkeling at Molokini was amazing and I can't wait to go back and will definitely do it with this team! - Mandy S, Maple Valley, WA
  • A great way to spend the afternoon. Team was great, food was good and the whales were spectacular. We went snorkeling in an area south of Lahaina. Many whales did their best to show off. Did not want it to end. The staff did a great job. - SuperThompsons, Kent, WA
  • Went on snorkeling whale watching tour in the afternoon. On our way to the snorkel spot we spotted some whales. The captain was educational and appeared he wanted us to get the best whale experience possible. Had a great turtle experience while snorkeling. Food and drink on your way back to harbor, yummy. High point was slide off back of boat into water- yahoo!!! - RRambeau, San Carlos, CA

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