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Price includes freshly prepared BBQ lunch, open bar, and snorkel gear

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Please note: Our destinations are weather dependent. Mother Nature nearly always cooperates. On days of inclement weather, Captain may select alternate locations where the conditions are safe and offer the best overall conditions.

Maui Best Turtle Snorkel Adventure Cruise

Late risers, sleep in, then join us for an afternoon of exceptional snorkeling. We routinely snorkel with the turtles at Turtle Town or enjoy a variety of colorful marine animals at Olowalu or Coral Gardens, depending upon which location is calmest, with the best water clarity.

Please note: While turtle sightings are very common, the sea turtles are wildlife so they can be unpredictable at times. Therefore, sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Turtle Snorkel Adventure

The Hawaiian green sea turtle is actually not green at all. The majority of these turtles have dark brown hard shells or carapaces. The younger ones, called hatchlings, will have black hard shells. Then, as they grow, orange and yellowish tints appear. Sometimes, they develop olive, gold, and reddish brown shades, or swirls and other irregular patterns.

Hawaiian green sea turtles infographic

Numerous studies by marine biologists around the world indicate that the green color is due to the algae that the animals eat. The algae, which is called limu (Hawaiian), is abundant in and around Maui’s coral reefs.

Although they can stay underwater for more than two hours, the turtle tends to go to the surface to breathe air every few minutes. Imagine observing these beautiful animals in their natural environment where they can reach up to 400 pounds.

girl snorkeling in blue maui ocean with fish and turtles
Snorkel Coral
snorkel gear on board the pride of maui afternoon molokini turtle town tour
kid going down the slide into the blue hawaii ocean
pride of maui guide explaining basic safety to a tour group
snorkeling at turtle town experience

Rates may be different during peak seasons and holidays. Please check your booking price before confirming a reservation.

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Regular $159



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Turtle Town, Olowalu, Coral Gardens & Molokini
(weather dependent)

Trip Duration

3 hours
(1:30 PM – 4:30 PM)


Monday and Wednesday

snorkeler at Turtle Town swimming above the coral reef in maui hawaii
molokini island on a blue sky and ocean day with maui in the background
parrot fish swimming on a coral reef at olowalu in maui hawaii
Top Maui Hawaii Snorkel Destination Coral Gardens
Freshly prepared BBQ lunch
  • Aloha Spirit Morning Cruise

    The tour was supposed to go to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town but the swell that morning was not good so we diverted to Coral Gardens (I think) and at first I was a little disappointed, but that quickly changed as it ended up being the absolute best place to snorkel. Saw millions of colorful fish, lots of turtles, we were able to snorkel before any other tour company got there, it was so incredibly amazing. We had two boys, ages 9 & 10, one with autism, who did not want to get in the water, but right before leaving, they both got in and paddled around, it was awesome! The crew was DA KINE! The mai tais were mo' bettah, the juice they served was the best, I truly need the name of what it was!!! Oh so delicious. The entire crew was super friendly, helpful, supportive, and the tour was just amazing.

  • Would recommend this company
    Had a great snorkeling trip today. Crew was very professional, attentive and friendly. Would recommend this company for a full day snorkeling trip.
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