Maui's Best Snorkeling Spots

Imagine the cool trade winds in your hair, as you cruise along the majestic coast aboard Maui’s largest and stable in catamaran.

Molokini Crater

Molokini is one of only three volcanic calderas in the world. Located just a few miles off Maui’s shore, it is Hawaii’s only island marine sanctuary.

  • Excellent visibility in the water
  • Protected from waves & surges
  • Marine Life Sanctuary
  • Beautiful coral reef
  • Over 200 species of fish
  • Unique snorkeling experience
Molokini Crater
Turtle Town

Turtle Town

Turtle Town is a unique series of underwater lava formations developed long ago by eruptions of submarine volcanoes that is home to a wide variety of colorful tropical fish and other unique marine animals.

  • Abundance of Hawaiian green sea turtles
  • Opportunities to view and photograph
  • Beautiful location along the coast
  • See the underwater lava formations
  • Variety of tropical fish and other marine animals
  • Amazing snorkeling experience

Olowalu (Turtle Reef)

Olowalu is a quaint, oceanfront area on the West Side of the Island of Maui and is home to one of Hawaii’s most unique ocean reef systems.

  • One of Hawaii’s most unique ocean reef systems
  • Hundreds of years old large coral heads
  • Abundance of tropical marine life
  • Rare manta ray cleaning station
  • Rare black tip reef shark nursery
  • Sea turtle sightings
Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is located within a naturally protected ocean bay on Maui. As one of the best places to snorkel, guests can explore the underwater world and view a myriad ocean marine life.

  • Plethora of Hawaiian tropical fish
  • Sightings of sea turtles, octopus, crabs and eels
  • Natural reef formations full of secret coral caves
  • Gorgeous and clear water
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Incredible snorkeling experience

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