Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and located thousands of miles from the mainland, Maui is truly an ocean paradise.

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Snorkeling in Maui is one of the most popular Maui activities. In fact, snorkeling is more popular on Maui than all of the other Hawaiian Islands. The reason Maui snorkeling is the best is the proximity of Molokini which is just 2 miles off the coast of Maui. Molokini is the most sought after snorkel location in Hawaii and certainly the most popular Maui snorkeling location. The Pacific has the deepest ocean on earth, averaging 14,000 feet. Isolation and depth contribute to the quality of the ocean and coral reef surrounding Maui. A healthy coral reef results in exceptional snorkeling.

Molokini snorkeling is snorkeling at its very best! There are significant reasons why Molokini snorkeling is so special. The conditions of the water around Molokini are unmatched and provide excellent water clarity and visibility most often around 150 feet. The shallow coral reef at Molokini is filled with a wide variety of remarkable and interesting fish and marine animals including over 200 species of fish endemic to and found only in Hawaii. Snorkeling through the coral reef at Molokini is a Maui snorkeling experience for a lifetime.


Maui Snorkeling is an opportunity to enter a world of fascination, color and serenity.

Exceptional Maui snorkeling is not limited to Molokini. While Molokini is certainly at the top of the list, there are other wonderful snorkel destinations with an abundance of striking marine animals and beautiful coral reef. One of the most amazing fish is the flame angelfish which is a brilliant orange (glowing) fish with electric blue fin tips. Maui Snorkeling is an opportunity to explore the exquisite beauty of Maui’s underwater life.


Our expert and attentive staff is eager to share all of the beautiful aspects of snorkeling in Maui, with safety and service at the forefront of the experience. Snorkelers will experience opportunities to see a vibrant coral reef-laden sea floor, waters that reflect shades of bright blue and turquoise and some of the most beautiful Pacific marine life thriving in a natural environment.

Please note: Due to the fact that we live in a tropical environment, visits to our snorkeling destinations are weather dependent. We find that Mother Nature can be fickle, but she cooperates with us about 90% of the year. Pending conditions, our master Captains may choose varying destinations that will be safer and offer more optimum Maui snorkeling trips. Our #1 priority is guest safety, led closely by stellar guest services and exceptional tour quality.


Beginner snorkeling is perhaps the very best introduction to an underwater world. Since our calm oceans boast so much marine life and crystal clear clarity, this activity is very well-suited for a novice.

Advanced and Experienced snorkelers will love the snorkeling sites that we visit! The marine life is intriguing and plentiful, and there will be many chances to explore coral reef systems that decorate sea walls, over hangs, ledges and drop-offs. Our Maui snorkel tours are known to be inspiring and adventurous.


In addition to Molokini, another favorite snorkel location is Turtle Town. Here, our guests have a chance to swim with the amazing Hawaiian green sea turtles. At Turtle Town, the local turtles are used to the frequent human visitor—they enjoy the experience just as much as our guests! The friendly turtles are playful and swim close allowing for perfect snorkeling photo opportunities. Please note that the Hawaiian green sea turtles are a NOAA protected and endangered species. It is illegal to touch them, feed them or harass them in any way. The best way to respectfully view our Hawaiian sea turtles is by calmly observing them.


In addition to Molokini and Turtle Town, the Island of Maui is home to a multitude of more amazing snorkeling locations to explore; fascinating reef formations and lava fingers boast remarkable ocean wildlife. Surrounding the Valley Isle, we have a host of tropical fish species, Maui marine life varieties, and colorful reef configurations surrounded by some of the clearest tropical waters you have ever seen. Snorkeling in Maui is most definitely a world class experience. You will surely enjoy observing the behaviors of tri-colored Moorish idols, rainbow and countless other varieties of butterflyfish, ornate angelfish, saddle wrasse, triggerfish and more marine beauties while exploring your Maui vacation underway.


We’ve been snorkeling in Maui for over 30 years and have discovered some of the best Maui snorkeling locations.

Fantasy Reef at Olowalu and Coral Gardens are two other excellent Maui snorkeling destinations. Separated by narrow channels and blue-tinted sandy bottomed ocean floors, both of these Maui snorkeling sites offer additional chances to explore Maui’s marine life. Guests will frequently see Hawaiian green sea turtles napping, and reef systems that are full of schools of fish, and brightly colored corals among lava shelves and overhangs. Tropical fish species seen will include jack patrol, yellow and silver striped goatfish and red squirrel fish.


Snorkeling is the #1 Most Popular Ocean Activity on Maui for Kids. Pride of Maui offers a world of benefits for those looking for the perfect snorkel tour for kids in Hawaii. Our tours always provide an experienced crew, the utmost discretion for safety measures, modern equipment, marine life education and the best ocean activity instruction on Maui. You will feel at ease knowing your family is safe and about to experience the time of their lives!

Beyond Molokini and Turtle Town, there are many other interesting reefs and lava formations offering exceptional Maui snorkeling opportunities. With hundreds of species of fish and a wide variety of marine animals, colorful corals and interesting lava formations, nestled below some of the clearest ocean in the world, Maui snorkeling is world class. From the bright yellows of butterflyfish, and tri-colored moorish idols, to the fascinating behavior of the translucent trumpet fish as it floats in mid-water, no other Maui activities compare to the memories you will cherish, from your Maui snorkeling experience.

No discussion of snorkeling is complete without words for the amazing variety of coral. Maui snorkel sites offer water that is shallow and clear. Snorkeling in Maui over the reef in shallow water gives you a close-up view during your snorkeling adventure.

If you take the time to slowly travel across the reef, exploring the world below, you will be amazed at some of the interesting sights and behaviors that become unveiled.

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