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Please note: Your safety is our number one priority! Fortunately, Mother Nature nearly always cooperates, and we do go to Molokini and Turtle Town. On days of inclement weather, our Expert Captains reserve the right to select alternate locations where the conditions are safe and offer the best overall conditions.

#1 Molokini snorkel tour

Pride of Maui is the most spacious and stable vessel on Maui. She boasts an expert crew with a multitude of amenities on our world-class trips and cruises.

From Maui snorkeling tours to private charters and whale watching, we want to make sure yours is the experience of a lifetime.

We are committed to providing our guests with the best possible experience, which is why we have limited our capacity to about half. This allows for greater comfort and enjoyment for all on board.

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The last two years presented many challenges and learning opportunities. Everyone was forced to slow down, revisit priorities and take stock of what’s important.

We made significant operational changes with a limited guest capacity of 50%. We were afforded the opportunity to improve our onboard amenities and refine the guest experience. We’ve listened to our guests and our repeat Ohana, who welcome the limited capacity and appreciate the upgraded service.

We recognize that capacity limits allow for more attentive and personalized service, with the added benefit of greater room to roam our spacious vessel comfortably at a relaxed pace.

I am proud to announce that we are the first passenger tour company limiting the guests we serve to 60% of our US Coast Guard capacity to support sustainable tourism and elevate your ocean adventure. With this new business model, we continue to build on 40 years of unsurpassed guest service, inspired by a renewed commitment to enhancing your time with us.

On behalf of our crew and employees, we thank our repeat Ohana for your support and look forward to serving you soon.

Scott Turner

Pride of Maui Trips

It’s a journey to another world and one that you’ll never forget.

Maui Destinations Map


  1. Molokini
  2. Olowalu
  3. Turtle town
  4. Coral gardens
About Destinations

Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. As one of only three sheltered volcanic calderas in existence, it offers sights and experiences that you probably didn’t even know you were missing.

We’ve been diving Molokini for 30 years and never grow tired of its clear blue water and incredible sea life. Come see why many consider Molokini the best snorkeling Maui has to offer.

About Molokini


Olowalu is one of the most amazing spots to explore marine life among all the Hawaiian Islands. Enjoy crystal-clear blue waters, a decorated coastline, impressive coral reef formations, and an abundance of Hawaiian ocean marine life.

Venture through calm waters with your family and friends, enjoying all the beauty of the Pacific. Be an eye witness to a myriad of tropical fish, colorful seabeds, the Hawaiian green sea turtle, and more. Olowalu is an adventure worth seeking; a perfect ocean activity from beginner to novice.

About Olowalu

Turtle Town

Turtle Town is considered one of the best Maui diving locations, offering a rare glimpse into the world of the Hawaiian green sea turtle. These gentle creatures have been honored and loved by Hawaiians for centuries and you’ll be given the chance to share their home with them as you snorkel Turtle Town.

This is an opportunity that few people will ever have and will likely be one of your most memorable experiences in Maui. Snorkel with and closely observe the Hawaiian green sea turtles in their natural habitat.

About Turtle Town

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is on the West Side of Maui and best reached by boat, explore one of the most unique and protected bays in Hawaii. Home to a host of tropical fish, Octopus, Eels, and the green Hawaiian sea turtle, Coral Gardens does not disappoint.

The natural reef formations are incredibly beautiful, vibrant in color, and bustling with ocean marine life. The clear and shallow waters reflect gorgeous Hawaiian sunlight, making for amazing visibility, and ideal conditions for snorkeling in Maui.

About Coral Gardens
Maui Destinations Background

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Pride of Maui has unique features that enhance the comfort & fun of your trip

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Pride of Maui Onboard Amenities

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A first class boat traveling to exceptional destinations is a great start. We build on that by offering impeccable service from an experienced crew dedicated to making your Maui adventure a special one.

Fun & Safety

We are the only large vessel that caters to a broad range of ocean interests in addition to offering world class snorkeling.

Ocean & Reef
Safe Initiatives

A first class boat traveling to exceptional destinations is a great start. We build on that by offering impeccable service.

Coral Reef Initiative


No other vessel on Maui offers as much. Warm showers, glass bottom viewing and a super water slide are a few of the amenities.

& Comfort

Pride of Maui is the largest and most stable catamaran on Maui. Her sprawling deck boasts unobstructed panoramic views.

A woman exploring a coral reef on a Maui snorkeling cruise