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Throughout planet earth, the Island of Maui is recognized as the most beautiful island in the world. Daily, visitors and residents can appreciate the raw natural beauty of the Valley Isle, discover adventure, relax, and absorb the gorgeous energy of the Hawaiian Islands.

Best Maui Videos

All who lay foot on Maui are surely blessed. For videographers, Maui is a dream come true that offers inspiration and creativity to unfold with a backdrop that supersedes all! From whale watching to hiking, exploring beaches, and enjoying ocean activities, Maui is a paradise for travelers.

WARNING: The following Maui videos are intended for all audiences. Side effects may include a strong desire to book the next available plane ticket to Maui.


Best Maui Whale Watching | Incredible Footage

One of the most popular activities to enjoy on the Valley Isle is whale watching. The North Pacific humpback whales visit Maui’s waters every year for their annual winter migration.

If you want to watch one of the most inspiring and emotion-inducing Maui whale watching videos, here you go! There’s nothing compared to a Maui whale watching tour, and journeying on the Pride of Maui catamaran to see these majestic creatures is all you’ll ever hope for and more.

In this video, you’ll see the God-like North Pacific humpback whales in their natural West Maui habitat during their annual migration to Maui’s waters (roughly November to late-March). Watch them frolic, and gracefully swim through Maui’s oceans with their dolphin counterparts. Listen to their whale song and see these glorious prehistoric mammals glide through the ocean, demonstrating the whale behavior that they’re known for; blowing, tail slaps, breaching, fluke-up dives, pectoral slaps, spy hopping, and more.

Video by Pride of Maui

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Pride of Maui Whale Watching Tour

More than exciting.

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Rolling Home, Maui-Hawaii

Imagine what it would be like to travel through Maui in a VW Westfalia Van. With three friends and three hammocks, the video tells the story of their eight-day journey with epic footage of the Valley Isle. Climbing coconut trees and slicing a pineapple with a machete is a bonus!

See Maui’s oceans, breathtaking coastlines, and lesser-known beaches. Watch them travel the Road to Hana towards East Maui locales, and take a break to skateboard Hana’s winding roads for part of the way. They longboard in West Maui and hike through the Haleakala Crater. We especially love their underwater footage as they snorkel and swim with Maui’s tropical fish and the incredible Hawaiian green sea turtles.

There’s a super sweet vibe to this video, and even more enchanting with the low-key track they chose to accompany the film.

Video by Beacon Media Group

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Maui Hawaii in 4k

Watch what three days of exploring looks like on Maui in 4K. The edits to this video are so cool, and the videographer truly captures the gorgeous little details of Maui’s natural elements; Hawaii flora and fauna, land to sea.

Friends adventure through Maui with coastline and jungle hikes, snorkeling, waterfall adventures, deep-sea diving, cliff jumping, spear-fishing, relaxing, and taking in Maui’s beautiful nature along the way. See a skin-crawling Maui garden spider, hear wild parrots, and enjoy watching Maui’s turtles swimming through the ocean.

By Justin Kauffman

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Walls of Water - Surfing Drone - Jaws, Peahi

Here’s some very cool, and very rare Jaws-Peahi drone footage! The entire film takes an aerial perspective, allowing viewers to almost feel like a bird soaring above Peahi’s mammoth-sized waves.

We love the vibrant colors of Maui’s North Shore coastline, and how they are highlighted by crashing waves and rainbow reflections throughout the short film.

The imagery is powerful, full of grace, and decorated by a fantastic track selection by Odesza & R YX. Watch world-renowned big wave surfers appear like tiny little ants in the vast waters of Peahi. See tow footage, wipeouts, and successful rides.

Surfers featured in this film include Albee Layer, Coconut Willy Hunt, D.K. Walsh, Francisco Porcella, Kai Barger, Kai Lenny, Mark Healey, Shane Dorian, Tyler Larronde, and Yuri Solidade.

Video by Karim Iliya

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Maui: The Valley Isle

‘Maui: The Valley Isle’ is such a beautifully captured video! Videographer Eve Meighen has branded this video as a “Vegetarian’s Journey” of Maui. We’re not taking a stand on people’s dietary choices, but just sayin’, this Maui video exudes a serious Maui-likeness with the true sense of calm that you’ll feel when on island. From the scenes captured to the tone of the music, this video is spot on for experiencing quintessential Maui moments.

Here, you will see some of Maui’s most popular sites and in-the-know locales as if you are on a meditative pilgrimage. Maui is known as No Ka Oi (the best) for so many incredible reasons that are not easily put into words. It’s something that you just have to experience for yourself. This video does the island a well-deserved justice in just 3-minutes.

From South Maui’s Makena Beach to Hana Highway, Haleakala Crater, serene waterfalls, and snorkeling at Honolua Bay, this is a truly inspiring video of the Island of Maui.

Video by Eve Meighen

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Maui – The Valley Isle - Glidecam HD 2000

With some incredible Maui footage, videographer Amir Zakeri captures the glorious scenery of a handful of the most beloved and beautiful sights on Maui.

Shots include scenes from Makena’s “Big” Beach, the Haleakala Crater, Iao Valley, Wai’anapanapa State Park, and so much more. This video is just one more awesome reminder that Maui island life is like waking up in a postcard every day!

Video by Amir Zakeri

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Top 15 Maui Ocean Activities

Whether you’re researching Maui’s many ocean activities or jonesing to explore more, this video about the Top 15 Maui Activities is perfect!

When on Maui, residents, and visitors can explore Maui’s beautiful coastlines and its underwater world on a daily basis. See what it’s like to snorkel at Molokini Crater, watch SNUBA and surfing, sailing, outrigger canoeing, and marvel in the beauty that’s witnessed when booking a Maui whale watching tour.

All types of ocean adventure can be experienced on Maui! Learn more about the unique activities that can be enjoyed on all corners of Maui; North Shore, South Maui, West Maui, East Maui, and beyond.

Video by Pride of Maui

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Travel Feels: Maui

Learn what travel ‘feels’ like on Maui when a videographer adventures to the Valley Isle for his 30th birthday!

Throughout this awesome video, you’ll see a visitor’s approach to Maui’s unique insider’s perspective. With a well-executed edit, watch a step-by-step approach to what happens after you book a trip to Maui. From packing luggage to cruising through an airport, the videographer arrives on Maui just in time to enjoy a magical Maui sunset, and the vacation commences!

See Maui’s beautiful coastline, adventure down the Road to Hana, find waterfalls and enjoy gorgeous aerial videography at its best. Here is a video that truly captures the feel of discovery and Maui’s natural elements.

By Matti Haapoja

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Drone Maui in 4K/ HI FOCUSED

With over 34k views, this Maui drone video is obviously amazing! Drone Maui in 4K is a Jordon Nagasaki film, and HI FOCUSED produced the Maui aerial cinematography.

Without a doubt, all viewers will be almost moved to tears by the beauty of this Maui film. For those that live in Maui, expect your heartstrings to be pulled. For those headed to Maui on vacation and those that consider Maui to be a home away from home, you will love this video!

See Maui’s incredible scenery, watch live action with surfers at Jaws-Peahi, explore coastlines, and the vast Pacific Ocean. We also adore the North Pacific humpback whale footage!


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Top 50 Maui Activities

When on Maui, visitors will quickly learn that there are a ton of fun activities and things to explore! How will you decide how to spend your vacation days on Maui?

With so many cool activities and adventures to find, this video highlights Maui’s Top 50 Activities. From ocean activities to hiking, rainy day activities, and golfing, there’s no lack of things to do.

Here’s a great Maui video for all to enjoy! Whether you’re visiting Maui with kids, celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, here’s the best and biggest selection of activities to do on Maui captured on film.

By Pride of Maui

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House of the Sun

In the ancient Hawaiian language, ‘Haleakala’ translates to ‘House of the Sun.’ Throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Maui’s Mt. Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano.

At a towering 10,023 feet, this Maui landmark is one of the best places in the world to witness a sunrise or sunset thanks to its awesome summit above the clouds. With a dramatic and desert-like landscape, visitors will literally be on top of the clouds!

By capturing over 5,000 images from four separate cameras, videographer Dan Douglas created a jaw-dropping account of what you can expect from a Maui sunrise or sunset atop Mt. Haleakala.

Make sure to add this to your bucket list, and mark it off on your next trip to Maui! Visitors are now required to book a reservation before venturing to a Maui sunrise at Mt. Haleakala. Reserve your spot here:

Video by Dan Douglas

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Snorkeling Molokini

If you’re seeking the very best Molokini snorkel tour, look no further than this video! Visitors travel from all around the world to witness the magic and natural wonder of snorkeling at Molokini Crater.

Molokini is one of three volcanic islets of its type in the world! Within the crater, snorkelers of all levels can explore Maui’s reefs with an abundance of tropical fish, marine life, and rare coral species.

Located off the coast of South Maui, this crescent-shaped snorkel destination is world-renowned. Only reached by boat, do your due diligence to book a Molokini Snorkel Tour prior to arriving on Maui. Molokini snorkel tours are available in the morning and early afternoon.

Video by Pride of Maui

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Molokini Crater

Discover Amazing Undersea Life

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Drones Over Dolphin Stampede and Whales

This epic Maui video was created by Captain Dave Anderson, a Maui videographer with over 20+ years of experience in leading ocean tours. This powerful Humpback Whale video offers some truly stunning aerial footage of a mother, baby, and male escort seen swimming off the coast of Maui. The footage is a truly gorgeous account of the bond between a mother and her calf, and since being posted in February of 2014, it has over 14-million views. Wow!

As a special note, Anderson states, “Attention any would-be whale videographers: please only attempt this if you are extremely familiar with whale behavior, as it is illegal to do anything that causes the whales to change their normal behavior with big fines – and the authorities do watch YouTube. Different areas have different laws on approaching whales. I am a whale watch captain with nearly 20 years of experience. All laws were obeyed by us during filming. In Maui, we sat watching whales from a distance for hours before they moved closer to us. You can never approach them closer than 100 yards. The Mom and calf, as you can see in the film, were completely undisturbed by the small drone. NOAA is currently reviewing drones and may create laws or guidelines for using them around whales.”

Video by Captain Dave Anderson

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How To Travel To Maui - BEST Maui Travel Guide!!

Here is a sweet Maui video created by a visitor that spent a week on Maui with his family! The videographer is honest and shares his unique adventures and Maui travel suggestions with his viewers. We love how he starts the video off by apologizing for his not-so-great pronunciations of Hawaiian words; a moment that instantly shows his appreciation for Hawaiian culture and his time spent exploring Maui.

Throughout the video, you can see what it’s like to travel the Road to Hana, explore freshwater swimming holes, and travel with a birds-eye perspective on a Maui helicopter tour.

In less than 10-minutes, the videographer expresses a pretty good grip on how to travel to Maui and maximize on your vacation. Without a doubt, he has some great ideas!

By Noahvde

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Skyline Eco-Adventures - Haleakala Zipline

On the Valley Isle, ziplining has become one of the most popular activities to enjoy! See what it’s like to zip through the air like a flying fox with Skyline Eco-Adventures.

Explore Maui’s incredible scenery with a bird’s eye view, and feel like you are on top of the world! In this video, you’ll watch a brief overview of a zipline tour on Haleakala with all steps that lead to flight.

No matter what Maui zipline tour company you choose, you, your family, and friends are sure to have an adventurous time!

Video by Skyline Eco Adventures

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Things To Do On Maui, Part 1

Hosted by Kalani Prince, it’s difficult not to love watching this dude cruise around the Island of Maui. With totally radical graphics, beautiful scenes, great tunes, and local vibes, you’ll be booking a ticket to paradise in no time.

In just under 5-minutes, Kalani does an overview of the best beaches, attractions, and activities to do in Maui. Along with Mr. Prince, you’ll experience a mini-tour of Makena’s Big Beach and Little Beach, stop for some yummy tacos at Coconuts Fish Cafe, explore a cool hiking trail, look for humpback whales, and even find a mermaid! He continues on by cruising to secret Maui beaches, scuba diving, looking for honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles), and exploring the island on a Maui helicopter tour.

Video by Kalani Prince

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Epic Hawaii Cliff Jumping - Maui Barefoot Ninjas 7

Although these stunts are not suggested for amateur cliff divers, definitely enjoy this thrill-seeking Maui video!

With that said, these guys display some serious acrobatic skills in their cliff jumps. This Maui video features some pretty epic jumps (even some double gainers) into various freshwater pools in Hana and East Maui. So strap yourself in and enjoy this visual ride. Maui No Ka Oi!

Video by Maui Cliff Diver

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DJI Phantom 2, Makena Maui in Full HD - What Summer Looks Like in Hawaii

One thing is for certain, Makena’s Big Beach is incredibly beautiful, and offers tons of room for Maui beach-goers!

Commonly considered one of the most incredible beaches in Maui (and most photographed), Makena’s Big Beach offers great swimming, vast stretches of sand, bodyboarding, skimboarding, and shore fishing for all visitors and residents.

Locals and tourists alike flock here for some much needed beach therapy on a daily basis. Makena’s Big Beach is also known for some powerful rogue waves, so make sure to never turn your back on the ocean here.

Surely, Big Beach is a great place to chill in the warm Maui sunshine. Here, you’ll enjoy epic coastline views, and the relaxing sounds of Maui’s waves reaching the South Maui shoreline.

Video by Alohilohi Media – Video Productions

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Aerial View of Maui
to Molokai SUP Race

This aerial view of the Maui to Molokai stand-up paddle race is amazing! Considered by some as the ‘little brother’ of the Molokai to Oahu race, paddlers can experience some of the longest and most arduous bumps in the world.

From race start to the journey, experience what Maui County’s big blue ocean is like when battling for a paddling title. Here’s something you don’t get to see every day!

It would be a crime not to mention Connor Baxter, an athlete that’s becoming synonymous with the race as a unique highlight. Enjoy the view!

Video by EPIC Aerial Productions

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to Molokai SUP Race

Hawaii Maui GoPro

This fantastic 11-minute Maui video shows the uploader’s honeymoon with some stunning visuals!

Enjoy watching as he highlights attractions and activities at Wai’anapanapa
Park’s Black Sand Beach, Waimoku Falls, Pipiwai Trail (Road To Hana), and more. Prepare to be wowed, and see what’s it’s like to enjoy an adventurous Maui honeymoon in style.

We love his edits, and we love the soundtrack! This film is playful, and certainly captures Maui’s innate nature through adventure, exploration, and a lot of good times!

Video by Matic Karpe

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4K Season Edit Marcilio Browne Windsurfing Maui, Hawaii

Originally hailing from Brazil, Marcilio Browne is a professional windsurfer that lives on Maui. This video shows his 2018 professional windsurfing season captured on film.

Not everyone knows this, but Maui’s North Shore is a world-renowned windsurfing destination. Every year, windsurfers from around the globe travel to Maui for the winter season. Some even decide to make Maui their full-time home!

Check out what this Maui adventure sport looks like in real-time!

By Marcilio Browne

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Maui: 6 Days in 6 Minutes

This is a wonderful Maui travel guide video! If you’re considering a trip to the Valley Isle, learn some great information and insight about popular sightseeing and fantastic highlights of Maui activities.

One thing is for certain; all will revel in the beauty of Maui’s natural wonders in this super informative ‘6 Days in 6 Minutes’ Maui video.

Eat, explore, snorkel, drive, beach hop, and find adventure throughout the Island of Maui. We also love the upbeat tunes they chose to accompany this film!

Please note: We do not suggest that you ignore Maui’s warning signs on beaches and hiking trails! Safety signage is posted for good reasons on the Island of Maui. Find adventure and explore to your heart’s desire, but you should always make safety the #1 priority

Video by Claire McAdams Photography

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Top Most Luxurious Things To Do in Maui

Maui is famously known as the most beautiful island in the world! With that, visitors and residents can enjoy luxury on the daily! Whether you’ll explore Maui’s luxurious attributes at a 5-star resort or world-renowned golf courses, opulence is easily found. Without a doubt, one of the most luxurious things to do in Maui is to book a Maui sunset cruise.

Visitors can book Maui private charters, enjoy helicopter tours, relax at the spa, and find private chef services on Maui. Enjoy Maui’s luxurious landscape, take in the sweet island vibes, and find your home away from home while enjoying vacation life on Maui.

Video by Pride of Maui

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Amazing Encounter with
Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

Filmed by Brad Scott during a Pride of Maui snorkel tour to Turtle Town, this amazing GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition footage provides an up-close and personal look at one of Maui’s most beloved underwater species, the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin.

These friendly and beautiful animals are always a welcome sight on any Pride of Maui tour, and we’re grateful to Brad for catching them in action on a beautiful Maui day.

On your next Maui snorkel tour or Maui whale watching tour with Pride of Maui, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Hawaii’s spinner dolphins! They’re commonly seen alongside the North Pacific humpback whales during the Winter season, and they make the common appearance of skipping alongside our catamaran during a Maui snorkel tour.

While skipping, spinning, and swimming through Maui’s oceans, all will marvel in the beauty of Maui’s dolphin marine life!

Video by Brad Scott Fitness

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Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Experience Maui, Hawaii

Hawaiian Paddle Sports offers us this wonderfully shot tour of what the outrigger canoe experience is all about. “You can kayak anywhere in the world, but what sets Maui apart and Hawaii apart from the rest of the tropical areas is the culture…”

Here, you’re invited to snorkel, swim, and marvel at the beauty of Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles in their natural environment. Enjoy Maui to its fullest, pay your respect to Hawaiian culture, and try out a Hawaiian outrigger canoe experience on your next visit to Maui.

Video by Hawaiian Paddle Sports LLC

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Road to Hana – Hawaii Shaycation Pt. 1

Enjoy this awesome and casual Maui Road to Hana video by Shay Mitchell.

Follow Shay and her friends as they learn to explore Maui as the locals do; jump into Seven Sacred Pools, lose your car keys, have more fun adventures, get a tan, and hit up some of the Road to Hana’s most amazing locations.

This Maui video is a great way to learn about how much fun your next trip to Maui will be with a vlogging style, and lots of good times to be had.

Video by Shay Mitchell

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Maui, Hawaii (GoPro)

Shot by Th3venture, see what five days well-spent looks like on Maui!

First of all, we absolutely love how this film opens up with footage that shows Maui’s underwater ocean and coastline views with a snorkeler’s perspective.

The soundtrack is upbeat and club-like, and the underwater footage is surreal and colorful. Sightsee through Maui, explore the Road to Hana, and be prepared to be inspired to book some flights to Maui!

Video by Th3venture

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Twin Falls-Canon 5D2 24p-Filmlook

Do you want to see a flawless, clear movie-quality video of Twin Falls? Yes, of course, you do! East Maui’s Twin Falls is the first group of waterfalls in a string of pools and waterfalls on the Road To Hana. It’s easily one of the most underrated spots in Maui guidebooks, and it’s worth a stop.

If you’re planning a visit to Twin Falls, make sure that safety is your #1 priority. Exploring Maui’s waterfalls and natural swimming pools is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime, but please remain on the marked trails, and heed all warning signage. Never adventure to Maui’s waterfalls on rainy days, and be cautious of flash flooding at all times. Rocks are slippery, so be sure to bring some water shoes, and never hike to waterfalls alone.

Pro-tip (Not shown in video): Make sure to check out the farm stand at Twin Falls! They offer fresh fruit, smoothies, ice-cold coconuts, and home-made baked goods. The banana bread and coconut candy should not be missed!

Video by Kalani Prince

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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters –
Wall Of Tears, Waihee Valley, Maui

Check out this awesome aerial tour of Waihee Valley aboard a Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour.

Fly through the mesmerizing Waihee Valley en route to the “Wall of Tears.” Have you ever seen anything else quite as lush and natural?

The Valley Isle is known as the best place in the world to take a helicopter tour. Whether you live on Maui or are here visiting during a Maui honeymoon, you will not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Video by David Chevalier

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Wall Of Tears, Waihee Valley, Maui

Maui Epic Scuba Diving -
Hawaii 2014 GoPro Hero 3

With the final video to nicely round out our list, we are given a unique and ‘epic’ look into the marine life compiled from several Maui shore dives.

The colors and movements of the diverse underwater species are truly beautiful. Make sure to watch this Maui video more than once; you’ll surely see things you may have missed.

From Hawaiian green sea turtles to colorful marine life, fantastic reef formations, and the most incredible shades of ocean blue, you’ll be inspired by this Maui scuba diving video.

Video by PrimoMedia

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Hawaii 2014 GoPro Hero 3

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