Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate
Halloween on Maui

There are endless reasons to celebrate holidays in Hawaii, but Halloween is a particularly fun reason to head to Maui. One of the year’s biggest celebrations regularly draws crowds in the tens of thousands. We hope to see you for Halloween 2020 in Lahaina‘s famous Front Street!

Best Halloween Celebration Lahaina Maui Hawaii

For more information and updates about Halloween on Maui visit, Lahaina Halloween, and don’t forget to book a Maui Halloween Cruise to beat the traffic to Lahaina!


The Weather

We’ve all been there. Dressed in your Halloween best, and you head out to celebrate in your costumed glory only to discover that shivering. Or, you spend the evening shielding your costume from rain/snow/hail which is always a majorly inescapable part of your evening. Plus, it’s a super bummer to keep your costume hidden under a heavy coat. Sigh.

One of the best reasons to celebrate Halloween on Maui is undoubtedly the fact that Lahaina Town’s average low temperature for October is 70 degrees and the average rainfall is less than an inch. That’s a win win for the weather, for those of you keeping score.

Come, enjoy and be warm!

  • Enjoy a warm Halloween! Lahaina’s average temperature for October is 70 degrees
  • Lahaina averages less than an inch of rainfall per year, so most likely you won’t be drenched outside
  • Plus, there’s a whole community of fun people to celebrate with!
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You Can Arrive (& Depart) Via Boat

The only drawback of celebrating Halloween in Lahaina Town? The traffic on the way there.
Instead of enduring the painfully slow, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Pali Highway, take your island transportation to a whole new level and book a spot on our annual Halloween Cruise.

Want the best designated driver in town taking you to Halloween in Lahaina, Maui? Get a costume together, use the 20% OFF code ‘SAVE20HALLO’ and cruise with us!

We conveniently depart from Maalaea Harbor so you can hop aboard and enjoy a beautiful Maui sunset, gourmet dinner, premium open bar, dancing, live music and a costume contest with prizes — all before you arrive in Lahaina!

We’ll drop you off directly in town to enjoy the best Front Street activities which includes more costume contests, entertainment, shopping and people watching, before cruising back to Maalaea later in the evening. Cruising > traffic, after all. You’ll thank us later.

  • One of the ways to avoid Pali Highway’s bumper to bumper traffic is to take the Halloween Cruise from Maalaea Harbor to Lahaina Harbor
  • Enjoy the festive cruise with beautiful Maui sunset, open bar, live music and great costume before arriving at Front Street
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It’s the Largest Halloween
Celebration in Hawaii

Take that, Oahu! Just kidding, we love Oahu. But it is nice to out-party Waikiki, for once. Lahaina’s Annual Halloween Front Street celebration is the largest of its kind in the entire Aloha State, and the most celebrated holiday on Maui. If ever there was an excuse to go out and party past 8pm on Maui, October 31st is definitely it.

More Halloween Parties in Lahaina- Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Lahaina Cannery Mall (Family-Friendly): Magic shows, face painting, pictures with Frankenstein, kids costume contest, trick-o-treat from store to store and more entertainment. Free. Starts at 5:30pm.

Fleetwood’s on Front Street: Biggest Halloween party on Front Street! Veuve Cliquot Party (8-10pm), VIP table service, live music, a la carte menu and more. 21+. $50-$100. Starts at 8pm.

Down the Hatch: Costume contest and prizes and a live DJ. 21+. Cost TBA. Starts at 9pm.

Cool Cat Cafe: Annual “Night of the Living Dread” with local reggae sensation, Marty Dread. 21+. $10. Starts at 10pm.

Captain Jack’s Island Grill: Halloween festivities and live DJ. 21+. $10. Starts at 10pm

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Celebration in Hawaii

It’s Known as the
“Mardi Gras of the Pacific”

While certainly a much tamer celebration than Mardi Gras, Halloween in Lahaina still gets its fair share of inspiration from ‘The Big Easy.’ Residents and visitors often throw beads from the lanais just above the shops on Front Street, and the crowd of costumed attendees on the street resemble Bourbon Street; especially as the evening progresses and more people begin to arrive…Sometimes, there’s up to 30,000 costumed folks on the scene! Families with kids, single party-goers, big time Halloween enthusiasts and more.

While drinking on the street is forbidden, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself at local bars and restaurants.

  • Resembles New Orleans’ Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras
  • As evening progresses, the crowd of costumed attendees get larger, sometimes up to 30,000
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“Mardi Gras of the Pacific”

It’s Still Family-Friendly

Maui is still a highly family-friendly destination, and even the biggest celebration of the year is no exception. Travelers and residents with little ones in tow should arrive in time to participate in the annual Keiki Parade down Front Street, which begins around 4-5pm, as well as activities like trick-o-treating, face painting, fun photo opportunities and more.

The event is highly monitored by local authorities, and while it’s probably (maybe) a good idea to head home before the late-night party crowd (and revealing costumes) come out in full force, rest assured that guests of all ages will have plenty of opportunities for fun.

  • Those with little children should arrive much earlier, as the Keiki Parade starts at 4-5pm.
  • For children, start early and go home early as the night crowd will party on (some with revealingcostumes)
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Front Street is Foot-Traffic Only

Despite a few years of controversial interruption, the last few Halloween celebrations have reinstated foot-traffic only on Front Street. This is especially convenient for attendees of the celebration, considering the alternative is thousands of pedestrians crammed on narrow sidewalks. Yikes!

Remember that public alcohol consumption is not allowed like it is in New Orleans or Las Vegas, but you can still enjoy yourself!

Walk around, watch the sunset, make new friends, and enjoy stunning views of the Pacific and Maui’s neighbor islands.

  • Unlike New Orleans or Las Vegas, alcohol consumption on Front Street is not allowed
  • There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself and meet new people in creative costumes
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Attendees Bring Their
‘A-Game’ for Costumes

Despite a few years of controversial interruption, the last few Halloween celebrations have reinstated foot-traffic only on Front Street. On an island where the typical dress code is slippahs, beach wear and the occasional aloha shirt, you’d be surprised at how seriously people take their Halloween costumes here. Many people spend all year planning, making and constructing their costumes, and it shows.

To see the best of the best, head to Lahaina’s Banyan Tree Park for the Adult Costume Contest, where costume-clad singles, couples and groups compete for top prize.

  • People plan their costumes up to a year in advance
  • Head over to Lahaina’s Banyan Court Park for the Adult Costume Contest
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‘A-Game’ for Costumes

There’s Plenty of Live
Music & Dancing

No true celebration is complete without music and dancing. That’s a fact! Fortunately, Front Street has plenty of experience in this arena, and Halloween draws some of the best shows all year long.

Some of the best opportunities to catch live performances and bust a move are at Campbell Park, Fleetwood’s on Front Street and Pioneer Inn. Many of the surrounding restaurants also host their own live entertainment shows or live DJ’s. Best of all, the venues are intimate and cozy, allowing for a great atmosphere to enjoy alongside friends and family.


You Don’t Have to Hand Out
Candy or Host a Party

One of the best things about spending Halloween somewhere else? You get to focus on having fun, rather than waiting for the doorbell to ring or planning a Halloween party.

This year, skip the annual routine of handing out candy, cleaning your house or waking up to a toilet-papered yard, and spend the day relaxing at the beach, swimming in waterfalls, surfing, hiking, eating Hawaiian shave ice, driving through rolling hills of Upcountry Maui, or enjoying a Hawaiian lomi lomi poolside massage. There are certainly worse ways to spend an afternoon in October…

  • No need to hand out candy or decorate your house
  • Enjoy your day relaxing at the beach, surfing, hiking and just wear your costume to Front Street
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Candy or Host a Party

You Wake Up
& You’re Still on Maui

Party a little too hard on Halloween?! We’ve been there… The good news? You’re on a gorgeous tropical island, and a refreshing morning swim in the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean is only a short walk or drive away.

Plus, Hawaii is home to several hangover breakfast dishes of your dreams, including loco moco, spam-fried rice, banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup and more. See… your day just got better already!

  • Wake up and you’re still on a gorgeous tropical island
  • Hawaii has some great local hangover breakfast such as loco moco, spam-fried rice, banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup.
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& You’re Still on Maui

What’s your favorite memory of Lahaina Halloween?
We look forward to cruising with you this Hallow’s Eve!