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All-inclusive Price — Snorkel Gear, Food, Drinks, Fuel Surcharge & Tax

  • Adult $49.00 (save $10) Regular $ 59.00
  • Child $39.00 (save $10) Regular $ 49.00
  • Infants Free


  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Reef Safe Sunscreen Provided On-board

ID card

Picture ID required to consume alcoholic beverages

Underwater camera

Underwater camera rentals are available for purchase

  • Cheeseburgers & Chicken Sandwiches
  • Hot Dogs
  • Vegetable Crudité
  • Pasta Salad
  • Chicken Breast
  • Cookies
  • Juice
  • Soft Drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Tea
  • Vodka
  • Martinis
  • Micro-brewed beer on tap
  • Maui Brewing Co.: Bikini Blonde, Big Swell and Lahaina Town Brown
  • Regional Wines
  • Mai tais
Is your hotel in our transportation schedule? Check You can enable transportation service at checkout for only $30 per passenger.

Our destinations are weather dependent. Mother Nature nearly always cooperates. On days of inclement weather, Captain may select alternate locations where the conditions are safe and offer the best overall conditions.


Late risers, sleep in, then join us for an afternoon of exceptional snorkeling. We routinely snorkel with the turtles at Turtle Reef or enjoy a variety of colorful marine animals at Coral Gardens, depending upon which location is calmest, with the best water clarity.

When the weather cooperates, we’ll even take you to Molokini Crater and because of our size and stability, Pride of Maui provides a boastfully smooth ride.

What you can expect


The coastal waters of Maui boast some of the largest concentrations of Hawaiian green sea turtles anywhere in Hawaii.

The turtles position themselves at strategic locations on the reef, where the cleaner wrasses swim all around them, literally removing unwanted build up from their shells and appendages. Cleaning stations are generally found in shallow waters on the coral reef, which create the opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of the natural reef and interesting underwater lava formations, while observing this natural relationship between sea turtles and cleaner fish. Turtle Reef is also home to a wide variety of colorful tropical fish and other unique marine animals.

Turtle Reef is frequently calm and protected by the West Maui Mountains, from the afternoon trade winds. This sheltering effect creates visibility often in excess of 50 feet and since the reef offers a gently sloping bottom to about 50 feet of depth, it is the ideal location for all experience levels.


The Hawaiian green sea turtle is not green at all. The majority of these turtles have dark brown hard shells or carapaces. The younger ones, called hatchlings, will have black hard shells. Then, as they grow, orange and yellowish tints appear. Sometimes, they develop olive, gold, and reddish brown shades, or swirls and other irregular patterns. The Hawaiian green sea turtles are named after the color of their body fat. The body fat is actually green. Numerous studies by marine biologists around the world indicate that the green color is due to the algae that the animals eat. The algae, which is called limu (Hawaiian), is abundant in and around Maui’s coral reefs.

Although they can stay underwater for more than two hours, the turtle’s tendency is to go to the surface to breathe air every few minutes. Imagine observing these beautiful animals in their natural environment where they can reach up to 400 pounds.

Coral Gardens is protected from the afternoon trade winds by high cliffs, with a gently sloping bottom terrain, gradually descending to a depth of about 40 feet. It is a great snorkeling location for beginner and intermediate snorkelers.

When Molokini and Turtle Reef are blown out by wind and waves, Coral Gardens often provides calm conditions and the best location for relaxed and enjoyable snorkeling. The underwater visibility at Coral Gardens is second only to Molokini Crater, which of course features the best visibility. The shallow waters of Coral Gardens allow the sunlight to penetrate and brighten up the reef, bringing out the vibrant colors and textures.

Coral Gardens is teeming with fish and offers excellent water clarity. Turtle sightings are possible at Coral Gardens, though not as plentiful as Turtle Reef. Many of our guests want to visit Molokini Crater and Turtle Reef and we often do just that on our Premium Afternoon Snorkel.

Molokini Crater is the most sought after Maui snorkel spot. One of the primary reasons Molokini snorkeling is so fabulous is the reliable clarity of the water. With visibility often in excess of 150 feet, it is a must do on your list of Maui tours.

There are only three volcanic calderas, including Molokini, in the entire world. In this offshore marine sanctuary aboard the Pride of Maui, sparkling waters are just the beginning of a truly rare experience you will not soon forget.

The Pride of Maui has the best mooring location at Molokini, away from the nest of other vessels and off to the South end of the Crater. The shallow coral reef is teeming with a vast array of colorful and fascinating fish and other marine animals. Familiar with divers and snorkelers, the friendly marine life on your Molokini snorkel provide a perfect opportunity to closely observe their natural behavior.


You’ll enjoy big, juicy burgers, grilled chicken breasts, veggie burgers and jumbo hot dogs with all the best topping options, cooked right onboard and served hot off the grill. Ours is a hearty lunch paired with pasta salad, vegetable crudité and homemade white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert.

Lunch served 3:30 - 4:00 pm

Your Premium Afternoon Snorkel Trip also includes “micro-brewed” beer from Maui Brewing Company (Bikini Blonde Lager, Big Swell IPA and Mana Wheat) on tap, Napa and Central Valley wines, tropical cocktails featuring hand-crafted spirits, juices, filtered water and soda.

  • Cheeseburgers & Chicken Sandwiches
  • Pasta Salad
  • Vegetable Crudité *
  • Hot Dogs
  • Cookies
  • Chicken Breast

* For veggie burgers and other dietary requests, please give a 24-hour notice by calling our reservations line at 808.242.0955.

  • Micro-brewed Beer
  • Napa and Central Valley Wines
  • Tropical Cocktails
  • Juices
  • Filtered Water
  • Soda

You’ll be provided high quality masks, fins and snorkels, which will all be sanitized. We even have prescription masks, with a range of magnifications to make sure you can revel at the colorful reef below you.

Pride of Maui is BIG and yes, bigger is better! The competition simply cannot offer the comfort and space provided aboard the Pride. Our sprawling observation deck offers unobstructed panoramic viewing and photo opportunities.

We’re equipped with a glass bottom, large hardwood bar in the main cabin, Wolf commercial BBQ grills, two restrooms, warm freshwater showers, submerged ladders for easy entry and exit from multiple locations, and a jumbo water slide for fun entries more than 10 feet off the water.

Your safety is our number one priority. Our owners have been in business for nearly 40 years and it shows in our daily operation. Your crew is certified and proficient in life saving skills and CPR. Captains are certified Scuba Divemasters and provide a comprehensive site orientation and snorkel lesson right onboard for those with little or no prior experience.

We post lifeguards in the water and on deck for your safety and assistance. Our modern vessel is equipped with the latest navigation and emergency equipment and your crew is highly trained in all aspects of passenger and safe vessel operations, so you can relax and take it all in.


At about half the cost of our Morning Molokini Snorkel, the Premium Afternoon Maui Snorkel is a great value. You will have an amazing snorkeling experience aboard Maui’s largest maxi-power catamaran, which boasts superior stability and unsurpassed onboard amenities. You’ll enjoy a freshly prepared BBQ lunch and open bar featuring quality labels. Your snorkeling gear, the open bar and your BBQ lunch are all included in the price of the tour.


Green sea turtles are the largest hard-shell turtles in the world. At Turtle Reef, you’ll have the opportunity to closely observe them in their natural habitat while snorkeling. Curious by nature, these wonderful marine animals will gently approach a slowly moving snorkeler, providing outstanding photo opportunities.

The sea turtles are a protected species. This is why Maui snorkel and scuba divers are reminded to always respect their space. The law prohibits touching, chasing or riding the turtles. Calmly observing and allowing the turtles to swim close, makes for a relaxing and unforgettable Hawaiian green sea turtle experience.



SNUBA diving in Maui is the opportunity of a lifetime, allowing you to experience weightlessness and breathing underwater for about 20 minutes, at a depth of 15 feet under the watchful care of our expert SNUBA Instructors. SNUBA can be described as being the best of both worlds – a unique hybrid between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Maui SNUBA diving is offered on the Afternoon Snorkel Adventure and requires no prior experience or special talents at all. You just have to be at least 8 years of age.

We love to introduce as many as possible to this exciting adventure and during the summer offer you a special rate of just $40 per person. Regularly priced at $58, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience “inner space” right there with the colorful marine animals in their natural habitat. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out SNUBA and take your snorkeling adventure to an entirely new level.


  • We had a perfect day on the ocean. The captain and crew were very patient (it was my first time snorkeling), friendly and helpful. Lunch was delicious. Would certainly recommend. - Tanya K, St. Johns, Canada
  • My husband, daughter, and I loved it. We did the afternoon turtle/snorkel trip. The crew was friendly and professional. The boat was clean and spacious. We had plenty of snorkel time and great food. The cookies were outstanding. My husband and I agreed that this was a great value. Totally worth the price and we will go again... - Donna D, Burbank, CA)
  • Taking a ride on the Pride of Maui was the highlight of our trip. My husband and I went on the afternoon snorkel trip. could not have had a better time. We spent quite a bit of time snorkeling with the colorful fish and other sea life. The lifeguard James was super nice and kept a good eye on us as we are not great swimmers. The food and drinks were fantastic! Captain Mat was very professional and welcoming. The whole crew was awesome and treated us like we were family! We had such a good time! I would highly recommend taking a voyage on the Pride of Maui while visiting the island! - JeanieH1975, Amarillo, TX

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