SNUBA® is our most exciting adventure!

Pride of Maui has the distinction of introducing more guests to SNUBA than any other passenger vessel in the nation! That’s right, we are the nation’s leading snuba diving vessel. Maui SNUBA is the experience of a lifetime and we are the expert of experts with more SNUBA experience than any other charter boat company on Maui and in the entire nation!

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Over the past 15 years alone, tens of thousands of our guests have had the unique experience of weightlessness and breathing underwater up close with the beautiful marine life in a safe, controlled environment, about 15 feet below the surface, under the watchful care of our expert Maui SNUBA instructors.

With SNUBA you do not have to carry that heavy air tank on your back. It is attached to a raft on the surface above you, with a long hose and breathing apparatus that you breathe from.

All you have to do is relax and breathe.


If you are up for an exhilarating underwater adventure, our snuba adventure is for you! The Pride of Maui is Maui’s largest and stable Maxi Power Catamaran, designed specifically for Maui snorkeling and Maui SNUBA. Entries and exits to and from the ocean are easy and simple. In fact, Maui SNUBA is one of the easiest adventures in Maui, and one you don’t want to miss.

Maui SNUBA is the best of both worlds – a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba diving.


SNUBA is a unique adventure requiring NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE or special talents at all. You just have to be at least 8 years of age, in average health and willing to experience the adventure of a life time. Maui SNUBA aboard the Pride of Maui provides you with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the ultimate underwater adventure and one you will not soon forget!

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO: SNUBA is not available to persons with certain pre-existing respiratory or heart conditions. Please inquire with your SNUBA Instructor onboard for clarification. Nothing is more important to us than your safety! If you are more than 3 months pregnant or under treatment for any of the following medical concerns, please consult with your physician and provide your SNUBA Instructor with a note of clearance, when completing our onboard medical questionnaire. Respiratory, lung, chest, heart, high blood pressure, seizures, recent surgery, blood disorder, dizziness or fainting.


Snorkel SNUBA or BOTH.

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Snorkeling in Maui and its pristine waters is a wonderful experience. While snorkeling in Maui, you’ll explore the underwater scenery from the surface of the sea. Maui snorkeling is amazing and extremely entertaining, as the reef unfolds from beneath you in bold living color.

SNUBA diving in Maui is a wonderful experience with unsurpassed adventure. You are not restricted to that breath of air at the surface. With Maui snuba, you go deeper and stay longer. You will breathe effortlessly with time to truly explore the environment and marine animals around you. To snuba in Maui is not just to survey the aquatic beauty. Maui snuba is to mingle with the aquatic beauty. When you join our snuba adventure, you can swim alongside the multicolored tropical fish, and get closer to the coral reef below.

Experience the thrill of breathing underwater on our snuba adventure without the need to surface for each breath you take. You can stay down and enjoy the exhilaration. Using the breathing apparatus, remain submerged as you glide along the coral reef with its colorful inhabitants. You will see incredible marine life up close with your Maui snuba adventure.

Another fun part of SNUBA is that it is an underwater activity where everyone, from eight years old and above, can join and snuba together. Snuba is a family adventure, and a unique adventure to share with friends. When friends snuba in Maui together the enjoyment and the beauty of the underwater world is magnified.

Is SNUBA better than scuba diving?

Snuba DivingTurtle Town SnubaSnuba Diving at Molokini CraterMaui Fish

Maui snuba is much easier for the novice than scuba diving, because you are connected to the snuba raft with a harness. The Maui snuba diver is directly below the snuba raft. The harness is sturdy, light and comfortable.

Another advantage of Maui SNUBA vs. SCUBA diving is the absence of the need for certification. There is no special diving skill required to participate in snuba, provided you are a basic swimmer and 8 years old. Due to safety reasons, the Pride of Maui cannot allow guests who are on heart medications to participate in snuba.

Join one of our expert Maui SNUBA instructor / guides for an adventure beyond compare. The expert tour guides aboard the Pride of Maui have tens of thousands of Maui snuba dives under their belts and are truly some of the best of the best. They will help you become familiar with the snuba equipment, and explain in very simple terms exactly what to expect on your snuba tour. Your Maui snuba instructor / guide will even pick out the best spot on the reef for your Maui snuba adventure.

Maui SNUBA is a tremendous value for your vacation dollar. There is no special equipment to buy or rent, as everything is provided and included. Your snuba crew will provide all of your snuba equipment. All you have to do is don your bathing suit and let us take care of the rest of the details on your Maui snuba tour. Experience a once in a life time Maui snuba adventure in the pristine waters of Maui today! Space is limited, so be sure to ask about our exciting SNUBA adventure!

What makes Maui SNUBA diving so unique?

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The wide variety of tropical fish, are just one attraction of snuba diving in Maui. There are many indigenous fish and marine animals in Hawaii. This makes your Maui snuba adventure a one-of-a-kind experience. So, what exactly will you see? Only every color in the rainbow as the reef comes alive below you. Angel fish, butterfly fish, damsel fish and Moorish Idols are but just a few of the exotic tropical fish you will experience. Take a journey into the inner world of our ocean realm, floating in inner space as you cruise along the coral reef. During your snuba dive, you may meet the graceful Hawaiian green sea turtles. Residing peacefully on the coral reef, these unique turtles often swim close to our snuba divers to get a closer look. Curious and gentle, the turtles are a protected marine animal found along the coral reef.

Maui snuba, an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Maui SNUBA diving with the Pride of Maui

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The Pride of Maui snuba program is well established, with a 15 year history of caring service, where tens of thousands of our guests have safely experienced Maui snuba. We pride ourselves in providing an unsurpassed experience for even the most timid land lubber, aboard the comfortable and stable Maxi Catamaran “Pride of Maui”, re-known for her highly successful and sought after Maui snuba program. You will be provided with state-of-the-art snuba equipment, expert snuba instruction, and an opportunity to experience exceptional snuba adventure aboard one of the most comfortable and trusted vessels in the business. Treat yourself to a Maui snuba adventure in the pristine Maui waters. After all, this is YOUR Maui vacation and you have earned it!

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The SNUBA Raft is made from the highest quality inflatable fabric, fully welded seams and shaped for easy towing. The Standard SNUBA Rafts hold 1 air cylinder in a recessed compartment, and the SNUBA Quad Rafts hold 2 air cylinders. The recessed compartments are designed to allow easy access for the SNUBA Guide to make convenient cylinder changes between tours and to keep the first-stage regulator dry while changing out tanks in the water. The compartments sit below the water line, providing a low center of gravity and stability to the SNUBA Raft. Rafts are inflated using a “power inflator nozzle” which is easily connected to a compressed air cylinder. A Standard Raft can accommodate 2 participants, while a Quad provides air for 4 guests. At the bow, the Raft flies either the U.S. or International “diver down” flag to alert individuals at the surface that there are divers below the water. Additionally, the SNUBA Raft is never more than 20 feet from a SNUBA participant, and can be held onto for support while guests are at the surface.


SNUBA participants breathe through a standard scuba regulator system and mouthpiece. Air is delivered through a positively buoyant 20-foot air line that connects via manifold distribution to the compressed air cylinders in the SNUBA Raft on the surface–– participants do not have an air cylinder strapped to their back. The air line allows guests to dive at whatever depth is most comfortable, from the surface “power snorkeling” to 2 feet… 10 feet… or the maximum depth of 20 feet. Guests are also trained to use the air line for “hand-over-hand” controlled ascents and descents, and to maintain their vertical control over fragile coral reefs.


Participants wear a lightweight, highly adjustable, quick-release harness from which the air line is attached. The harness tow point is located between the shoulder blades to provide easy towing of the SNUBA Raft. Each participant is fitted with a mask and fins, the same as used for snorkeling, including the lesser powered fins to reduce foot cramping and slower controlled movements. Guests also wear a weight belt, comfortably adjusted around the waist. Certified SNUBA Guides determine the proper amount of weight so that each guest is neutrally buoyant in the water. Participants can choose not to wear a weight belt if he or she prefers to hold onto the raft and “power snorkel” (continuing to breathe through a regulator) at the surface.

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