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The Pride of Maui is the ultimate Maui scuba vessel, featuring amenities simply not found on smaller, cramped dive boats.

At 65 in length and a beam (width) in excess of 30 feet, Pride of Maui boasts over 2500 feet of space on her two sprawling decks. Scuba diving Maui aboard the Pride of Maui provides superior diving ease and comfort. Maui scuba comforts include a large forward deck designed for safe and easy entries and exits, with platforms and deeply submerged ladders. This is the ultimate Maui scuba vessel, wih camera shelves and fresh water rinse stations. We provide all of your Maui scuba equipment including wet suits, or you may use your own gear. There are sanitized rinse buckets, prescription masks and all of the gear you need for scuba diving Maui. Enjoy a warm shower after the dive. View underwater videos from the large flat screen TV, while sipping an ice cold beverage. We cater to no more than 10 scuba divers maximum, to ensure an unsurpassed personalized Maui scuba experience.

Maui scuba dive aboard the Pride of Maui is the perfect solution for groups with divers and non-divers. The divers can enjoy Maui scuba diving, while the others partake in snorkeling, or even Maui SNUBA, right on the same boat and Maui tour.


Pride of Maui Scuba Diving in Maui scuba maui


Maui scuba is a very popular Maui activity. In fact, Maui scuba consistently ranks high on the list of most sought after activities on Maui. The Hawaiian Islands are an ocean paradise, ideally suited for exceptional Maui scuba adventure. Maui scuba is some of the very best diving in the Hawaiian Island chain. Maui scuba diving is a must do! Maui scuba is exceptional for a number of reasons.

There is Molokini, the most sought after site in Hawaii. The quality of the water surrounding Molokini is superior, providing unsurpassed clarity. Visibility is consistent and excellent, often in excess of 150 feet. The water temperature is a comfortable 78 degrees. Molokini is a flourishing coral reef, where thousands of fish and marine animals cohabitate. The coral reef at Molokini is teeming with a wide variety of colorful and fascinating fish and marine animals. With hundred of species of fish, many indigenous to Hawaii, exploring the reef on a Molokini scuba tour is a Maui scuba experience not soon forgotten.


Molokini Crater Maui Scuba Diving Molokini Crater


Exceptional Maui scuba is not limited to Molokini scuba. Beyond Molokini scuba, we offer a variety of outstanding Maui scuba opportunities at other dynamic Maui scuba locations. Healthy coral reefs result in exceptional Maui scuba opportunities. The trick to accessing these ideal Maui scuba locations is to book a trip aboard the maxi power catamaran, Pride of Maui, unsurpassed for space, comfort and stability.

Scuba diving in Maui aboard the Pride of Maui is very easy. Your expert Maui dive master provides a thorough Maui scuba orientation, safety briefing and dive plan. Scuba diving Maui is an opportunity to enter a world of fascination, color and serenity. Your Maui scuba memories begin as you slowly glide into the ocean under the care of our expert dive master, eager to share all that Maui scuba has to offer. From above looking down, the sea floor is alive and vibrant with varying shades of turquoise and bright blue, against the multi colored coral reef, with its greens, yellows and darker hues.

Maui scuba offers an abundance of striking marine animals and beautiful coral reef. One of the most striking fish on the Maui reef, is the flame angelfish, which just as its name implies is a brilliant orange (glowing) fish with electric blue fin tips, resembling the flame of a fire.

After enjoying a superlative Maui scuba experience, drop your gear in the racks and enjoy a warm freshwater shower. A freshly prepared BBQ lunch served hot off the grill is yours to savor en-route to the 2nd Maui scuba location.


Turtle Town Scuba Diving at Turtle Town Turtle Town


One of our favorite Maui scuba sites is Turtle Town. The Turtles at Turtle town are accustom to human proximity and will remain in the area, providing the unique opportunity for you to closely view and photograph them during your Maui scuba adventure. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are a protected species. It is unlawful to touch, chase or harass them in any way. Riding green sea turtles while scuba diving Maui, is most definitely prohibited. Looking but not touching or chasing the sea turtles is the best way to view them. They will often swim close during your Maui scuba adventure, if you are calm and respectful as you make your way along the reef.

Beyond Molokini and Turtle Town, are a variety of other interesting reefs and lava formations offering exceptional Maui scuba. With hundreds of species of fish and a wide variety of marine animals, colorful corals and interesting lava formations, nestled below some of the clearest ocean in the world, Maui scuba is exceptional. You will see brilliantly colored butterfly fish, and tri colored moorish idols, and the fascinating behavior of the translucent trumpet fish as it floats in mid-water. Your Maui scuba adventure offers memories you will cherish forever.

We’ve been scuba diving Maui for over 30 years, and proudly offer some of the finest Maui scuba available. Pride of Maui offers daily Maui scuba to Molokini and Turtle Town. Occasionally, weather prohibits safe access to one or the other of these Maui scuba locations. Your safety is our first and foremost concern. We will take you to a Maui scuba site where the conditions provide the safest and best Maui scuba experience on the infrequent days when Molokini or Turtle Town are not in your best interest.


Scuba Diving Maui Whale Shark Maui Scuba Diving


Other excellent diving sites include Fantasy Reef at Olowalu and Coral Gardens. Both of these Maui scuba sites offer a colorful variety of coral and interesting lava formations, separated by narrow channels of blue tinted sandy patches. Scuba diving Maui at one of these two locations treats you to some of the most diverse reef formations Maui scuba has to offer. You will see overhangs and ledges where the Hawaiian green sea turtles rest, and where schools of jacks patrol. Red squirrelfish dart around in the impressions on the ledges. Silver and yellow striped goat fish swim out over the sand in protective groups changing direction suddenly all at the same time in close synchronization.

SCUBA diving offers incredibly clear water and gives you a close-up view during your Maui scuba diving adventure of the beautiful reef and its diverse inhabitants.

fishColorful butterfly fish snip away at the extended tentacles of coral polyps. Maui scuba provides close observation. You can actually see the extended tentacles and fish feeding on them. Rice coral grows like a blanket around finger corals, as it competes for space on the reef. Another Maui scuba discovery is that cauliflower coral grows in solid round shaped heads of varying colors from white to shades of pink and tan. Diving reveals fish, shrimps, crabs, urchins, octopi, and other marine animals living within the nooks and crannies of the coral.

Take it slow on your Maui scuba tour, and you will be amazed at the diversity and complexity of this marvelous and perfectly balanced eco-system. Respecting the life therein, will reward you with an unforgettable Maui scuba experience and memories you will not soon forget.

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