Top 12 Things To Do in Maui with Kids

When on Maui, or while planning a Maui vacation with your family, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out each and every detail of your itinerary. With such an abundance of activities to do on Maui, and so many options from which to choose, how can you know who offers the best tours and services? How can you find out which activities on Maui are the best to do with kids?

Two Boys SNUBA Diving Underwater on a Maui Snorkeling Cruise

Without having done significant research, you may find yourself stumped, confused by too many choices or at a loss. You may even book an activity that isn’t appropriate for your whole family.

Don’t worry; we’ve done the research for you! We assure you that our Top 12 Activities on Maui For Families With Kids has the most up-to-date information. It is the best guide for choosing incredible activities on Maui so that you and your family can safely maximize all of the fun and adventure that the island has to offer. A hui hou!


Molokini Snorkeling Tour

Perhaps one of the most treasured vacation memories that you could ever create for your family is a Molokini Snorkel Tour with Pride of Maui. Get ready for one of the most incredible experiences of your life! The folks at Pride of Maui have over 30 years of outstanding customer service and high guest ratings. They take special care to employ a team with extensive ocean-tour experience, kept sharp with ongoing training.

You and your family can rest assured that the crew will make you feel safe. They will also inspire you with underwater adventure and exploration, and successfully prepare you for the trip of a lifetime. Snorkel with confidence thanks to their expert lessons, hands-on guidance, top-of-the-line snorkel equipment, and full supervision.

Pride of Maui is well-known for being child-friendly, and their vessel is outfitted with amenities to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. When you venture out on a snorkel tour, know that you will be exploring one of the most premier snorkel, SNUBA, and scuba diving locations in the world. Molokini Crater is believed to be over 150,000 years old and overflows with an abundance of ocean life thriving in their natural habitat. Witness the magic of the Hawaiian green sea turtles and Spinner dolphins first hand. Watch on in delight as they gracefully dance and play throughout their natural coral reef habitat.

The Molokini and Turtle Town Snorkeling Tour with Pride of Maui offers guests breakfast, a BBQ lunch, and an open bar at no extra cost. SNUBA is also available by request for an additional charge.

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Maui Ocean Center

Enjoy an afternoon out with your family and visit the Maui Ocean Center. It is the only state-of-the-art aquarium in the world dedicated to displaying and preserving Hawaiian marine life. They offer full exploration for all visitors, adults and children and it is one of the top things to do while on Maui. It is a truly unique experience to visit the largest tropical aquarium in the U.S.

Not only do they feature Hawaiian sea life, but they also offer educational displays on ocean ecology, Whale life, and Hawaiian culture. Through a guided walking path, guests will revel in the exclusive and rare attractions to be seen. Make sure to tour the outdoor Hawaiian sea turtle sanctuary and the Hammerhead shark pool. Explore the ever-engaging indoor aquarium, housing the famed Hawaiian Tako (octopus) and a host of unique sea creatures.

The Maui Ocean Center is well-known for their fully encircling sea-tunnel that gives the feel of a dry-land snorkel. Make sure to check out the massive indoor shark tank. It has Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, White Tips, Grey Tips, and a variety of deep water fish. The staff is very friendly, approachable, and well-versed on Hawaiian marine life. They welcome your questions and discussions, and will openly share their knowledge of the Maui Ocean Center’s mission, events & community goals.

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Take Them Out for Maui
Ice Cream & Shave Ice

Who doesn’t love ice cream? We all love ice cream! Going out for ice cream may seem ordinary, but when you do it in Maui, you’ll be in for a special treat! Locally made ice cream served with a special Maui touch is sure to please kids of any age. Now, if your kids haven’t had Hawaii’s famous shave ice, then they’re really in for a treat! With a rainbow of flavors and toppings from which to choose, these Hawaii-style snow cones will become a family favorite in no time.

Here are a few of the best spots for you to try:

Paia Gelato: Nestled in the charming town of Paia on Maui’s north shore, Paia Gelato will be your next favorite Maui sweet spot for all dessert enthusiasts. This cozy gelateria, known for its authentic Italian gelato, offers an array of exotic flavors that perfectly capture the tropical and homegrown flavors of island life. Each scoop celebrates local ingredients, from the creamy richness of the coconut to the zesty, tangy goodness of lilikoi (passion fruit). The lively atmosphere of Paia Gelato, coupled with its friendly staff, makes it a must-visit spot for anyone craving a sweet, tropical treat on their journey through Maui.

Visit Paia Gelato


Maui Sweet Shoppe: In the heart of South Maui lies a delightful treasure, the Maui Sweet Shoppe, famous for its homemade ice cream. At this Kihei ice cream haven, each batch is carefully crafted using locally sourced ingredients that highlight the island’s rich flavors. The shop offers a whimsical array of choices, from traditional favorites to unique island-inspired creations like the Maui Mango Tango or the Hula Berry Swirl. The cozy, welcoming atmosphere and the joy of discovering a new favorite flavor make Maui Sweet Shoppe a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic, sweet taste of Maui’s culinary charm. But that is not all. Serving up more than just ice cream, Maui Sweet Shoppe also has yummy soft serve, sundaes, soda fountain drinks, cookie sandwiches, smoothies, their famous frozen banana bites, cookie dough, and candy for sale.

Visit Maui Sweet Shoppe


Ululani’s Shave Ice: Ululani’s Shave Ice is a must-visit destination for anyone craving an authentically icy Hawaiian treat on Maui. Renowned for its ultra-fine ice and an extensive selection of homemade syrups, Ululani’s elevates shave ice to an art form! Each serving is a burst of flavors, with options ranging from tropical lilikoi and guava to the rich, creamy sweetness of coconut and macadamia nut. The generous, fluffy servings, topped with extras like mochi and azuki beans, make Ululani’s a favorite local spot!

Visit Ululani’s


Coconut Glen’s: Tucked away in Nahiku, Maui, Coconut Glen’s is a coconut-based ice cream wonderland. This unique spot specializes in vegan ice cream made from organic coconuts, a true testament to Mauiʻs sustainable, local food sourcing. Visitors are enchanted by flavors like Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Chili, each offering a creamy, dairy-free delight. The quaint, colorful stand, surrounded by lush East Mauiʻs lush greenery, definitely adds to the charm. Coconut Glen’s is more than just an ice cream stop; it’s a must-visit destination for healthy and eco-conscious dessert seekers. Next time you’re on Maui, we encourage you to get zen with Glen!

Visit Coconut Glen’s


Tobi’s Shave Ice & Poke: In the heart of Paia on Mauiʻs North Sore, Tobi’s Shave Ice & Poke is a beloved local haunt, offering more than just a traditional Hawaiian shave ice experience. Known for its generous servings and wide range of shave ice flavors, Tobi’s stands out with its local vibes, tasty menu options, and Maui authenticity. What makes Tobi’s truly special is its fusion of classic shave ice with innovative twists, like adding a scoop of ice cream or a drizzle of sweet condensed milk. The shop’s relaxed, friendly vibe makes it a perfect pit stop for families and surfers looking to cool off with a delicious Paia-style treat. P.S.: They also have some of the best ahi poke on the island!

Visit Tobi’s

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Check out Maui's
Surfing Goat Dairy

Upcountry Mauiʻs Surfing Goat Dairy is famous for its award-winning goat cheeses and is one of the cutest educational visits for families visiting Maui. Perched on the slopes of Haleakala, this charming farm offers a glimpse into sustainable farming and goat care. It is perfect for curious minds of all ages.

The farm’s tours are a hit with kids, where they can interact with friendly goats, learn about the milking process, and even participate in feeding.
The goat cheese tastings are amazing, and the dairy’s picnic area encourages families to relax in the Upcountry Maui vibes.

In addition to the tours and tastings, they have a great gift shop, and host various kid-friendly events throughout the year. Visit them online to learn all about their farm and family-friendly activities.

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Surfing Goat Dairy

Te Au Moana Luau
at the Wailea Beach Resort

The Te Au Moana Luau offers an unforgettable Maui experience on the picturesque Wailea coastline.

Te Au Moana, which translates to “The Ocean Tide,” is not just a performance and feast but a vibrant celebration of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. Although there are many luaus from which to choose on Maui, the Te Au Moana luau is consistently ranked as the best for kids as it is super interactive and family friendly.

As the sun sets over the ocean, the evening begins with traditional Hawaiian games and crafts, offering a hands-on experience for all ages. Children will love the traditional poi pounding and lei-making, which provide a fun and interactive way to learn about Hawaiian culture.

The luau feast is full of yummy traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian foods. From the mouthwatering kalua pork, cooked in an imu (earth oven), to the citrus and herb marinated Mahi-Mahi and coconut-glazed Molokai sweet potatoes, their luau menu is one of the best in Hawaii, hands down.

The incredible live performances are the heart of Te Au Moana. Guests will be captivated by the skilled dancers and musicians who narrate the legends of the islands through mesmerizing hula and fiery Tahitian dances. The fire knife performance is always the anxiously awaited finale, and leaves everyone in awe.

Te Au Moana isn’t just your regular luau; itʻs a Polynesian cultural experience that brings families together in the spirit of Aloha.

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Surf Lessons

Everyone in the world knows that surfing is synonymous with Hawaii. Visitors travel from all around the globe to explore Maui’s beaches and attractions. Without a doubt, surfing lessons are at the tops of the lists of most families traveling to Hawaii with their children.

Surfing is a fun, challenging, and rewarding sport for all of those who push themselves up on that board! With a proper introduction to surfing, and with an instructor who will take their time, your first surf lessons can jump-start a lifelong love for the lifestyle and sport of surfing.

On Maui, there is a host of incredible options for surf instruction. From beginner to advanced, all students can find a teacher and surf school that’s right for them. Surf lessons can take place on local Maui beaches or on the oceanfront at Maui resorts. Most surf lessons take place in the morning or early afternoon, and students can book large groups, small groups, and private classes.

In fact, if you plan to visit Maui with your family, why not book a group lesson for all of you? It will not only be tons of fun, but a fantastic bonding day activity to enjoy while in Maui.

Best Maui Surf Schools:

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One of the most rewarding day trips on Maui is a family day at Iao Valley State Park. Iao is not only a cultural landmark, but it is a sacred site known to house ancient Hawaiian demigods. It serves as a pivotal location for the history of Hawaii. Mystical, lush and inviting, Iao Valley is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a perfect place to spend a day with your family on Maui. Hike through mellow trails, swim in the pools by the waterfall, and have a picnic or BBQ lunch.

While venturing out of Iao Valley, take the time to check out two other great places. Don’t miss the Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens or the Hawaiian Nature Center.

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Maui Escape Rooms

Interactive escape rooms are all the rage these days. Up until recently, most of them have been limited to an “adults only” audience. The good news is that Maui Escape Rooms offers kid-friendly escape games for children 12 and over. This makes it a great adventure for your family while you’re on Maui. Maui Escape Rooms offers a fun-packed, 1-hour experience, perfect for giving your family a break from the sun or as a fun rainy-day activity on Maui.

Imagine the thrill of getting locked in a room with your kids where you all have to work together to discover clues and solve puzzles to find your way out! Escape Rooms are perfect for boosting your collaborative skills and fostering a true sense of teamwork. You and your family will have fun and spend some real quality time together.

Maui Escape Rooms offers four fun escape games: Pirate Ship, Prison Break, Tesla’s Inheritance and Ka Puka Bunker. Each game is unique and challenging, and promotes family bonding as you all work together to solve the challenges.

Book your Maui Escape Rooms adventure now to find out if your family has what it takes to escape!

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Maui Treasure Hunt

The next time you plan a vacation on Maui with your kids, make sure to book the Maui Treasure Hunt! This is a super fun activity for kids on Maui. It includes a family tour with hiking, swimming in a private lagoon, and searching for the treasure with your map.

This activity is about 3 hours long, and is available for kids 5 years and older. Keep in mind that kids under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult. This is a great activity to enjoy as a family, or you can drop your kids off at the meeting point and go enjoy some well-deserved adult time while they search for treasure and explore Maui in a safe environment.

The Maui Treasure Hunt begins at a meeting point in Kahului (Central Maui) at 8:45 am. This fun-filled Maui activity runs from 9 am to 1 pm and includes a backpack, snacks and bottled water. The hiking trail is fit for any beginner and is 2 miles in length. Guests should prepare for the hunt with sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a swimsuit, and closed-toed shoes or sports sandals. Prepare to get muddy, dirty, and wet! If you would like to bring a camera or your phone for some photo opportunities, make sure to seal it in a plastic bag to prevent any water damage.

If you’re looking for a great adventure that your children will love, definitely check out this Maui hiking tour for kids. They will be entertained, educated and engaged for the duration of the tour. They’ll most definitely create some happy memories, and they will never forget that time that Mom and Dad took them on that awesome Maui treasure hunt!

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Tropical Express Tour

The Tropical Express Tour is offered at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Central Maui. It is the perfect thing to do for kids, families and couples. This is a Maui tour that offers guests the chance to view Maui’s fruits, produce, plants and tropical flowers growing in an active farm setting.

The Tropical Express is a bright green, three-car train-like truck that cruises through the property of the Maui Tropical Plantation. Only while on “The Express” can guests access and journey through this incredible Waikapu plantation.

During the 45-minute tour, the train loops around a freshwater lagoon, the orchards, and tropical gardens. Pending the season, participants will visit several farm sites that grow a variety of fruits. There are pineapples, coconuts, mangoes, bananas, papayas, starfruit, jackfruit, ulu, and avocados. They also grow coffee, macadamia nuts, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, taro, herbs, corn, and more. This tour also includes Hawaiian cultural demonstrations like a display of how to husk coconuts, and opportunities to taste some freshly harvested produce.

With the help of an expert guide, guests will learn about Maui’s farm seasons and how fruits like pineapples are grown. They will be surrounded by the fresh scent of tropical flowers growing in their natural environment. The Tropical Express Tour is available seven days a week, at 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm. They are closed on major holidays.

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Maui's UFO Parasail

Parasailing around Maui is a sky-high adventure for the whole family!

Maui’s UFO Parasail offers a thrilling yet kid-friendly adventure that lifts families high above Mauiʻs blue Pacific Ocean. This unique West Maui adventure allows children and adults to safely soar through the sky, providing an unforgettable aerial view of the island’s gorgeous coastline.

Safety is paramount at UFO Parasail, where children as young as five can participate. The experienced crew ensures a smooth, secure experience, offering tandem and triple flights so families can enjoy the excitement together. The gentle takeoff and landing (directly from the boat) make the experience accessible even for the littlest adventurers.

UFO Parasail’s commitment to a safe, family-friendly adventure makes it a standout attraction on Maui. Please note that they operate seasonally in the spring and summer.

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Best Family Beaches on Maui

  • Baby Beach at Baldwin Beach Park and Ho’okipa Beach Park

    North Shore

  • Ka’anapali Beach and Kahekili Beach


  • Kamaole I, II and III


  • Secret Beach


  • Big Beach at Makena


  • Hana Bay and Hamoa Beach

    East Maui

  • Check the weather reports and choose a beach that is appropriate for you and your family
  • Wear sunscreen and hats
  • Bring floating devices for kids and adults who aren’t strong swimmers
  • Bring snacks and a camera!
  • Be safe, watch the water, and never turn your back to the ocean
  • Enjoy your vacation with your family, create some awesome memories, and have the time of your life!!

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Thanks for reading our Top 12 Things To Do in Maui with Kids! We hope that you found something fun to add to your vacation itinerary! Mahalo nui loa!

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