Top 10 Maui Food Trucks

Next time you’re visiting the gorgeously amazing Island of Maui, don’t get stuck eating half-par food at tourist trap style restaurants! Instead, do your research and make sure you eat the best food possible because Maui is full of amazing culinary talent, farm-fresh foods, organic and free-range meats, and some of the freshest seafood in the world!

One of the best ways to eat around Hawaii is by discovering our amazing Maui food truck scene. All over the United States, food truck restauranteurs are popping up with some of the hottest menu’s in the country. Maui is definitely not immune to this trend, and we’ve got it all!

Best Maui Food Trucks

When searching for Maui food trucks, get excited for a diverse culture of food truck flavors; Local Hawaiian-style plates, fresh seafood, Mexican-style fish tacos, gourmet foods, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Classic American, Pan-Asian fusion, and more deliciousness. Created especially for our awesome readers, please enjoy our list of the best food trucks on Maui.

Top 10 Maui Food Trucks

Mediterranean Grill

Yay! Finally, we have shawarma and gyros on Maui! Adding more flavor to Maui’s foodie diversity is the Mediterranean Grill food truck in Haiku. Parked at the Haiku Marketplace 7-days a week, everyone will be stoked for some authentic Mediterranean menu selections. This North Shore Maui food truck is one of the newest ones on the scene, and it’s already blowing up!

When at the Mediterranean Grill in Haiku, you’ll be drooling over the food plates being served out, and the enticing fragrances of authentic Lebanese spices in the air. Try items like the Lamb Gyro, Chicken Shawarma Plate, Greek Salad, Lamb Kabobs, or the Falafel Plate. Here, you’ll find that the ingredients are fresh, and the homestyle recipes are all cooked to perfection. Besides Sam’s (one of the friendliest food truck owners on Maui) sweet aloha vibes and excellent conversational skills, you’ll feel instantly welcomed by an inviting courtyard, quick customer service and the promise of a satisfied belly.

The Mediterranean Grill in Haiku is a great place for enjoying Lunch on your own, or with family and friends. If you’re headed to one of Maui’s amazing North Shore beaches for the afternoon, we highly suggest a quick pit stop at this Haiku food truck. You will most definitely be pleased!

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Like Poke?

Like Poke? Yes, please! Strap on your seatbelt and get an early start because this Maui food truck sells out early! Located across the street from Costco in Kahului, you can find Like Poke? next to some other neat Maui food trucks in a random parking lot, GPS 140 Hobron Road. If you’re flying into OGG Airport early, make Like Poke? your very first stop, it’s only about a 3-minute drive away from the airport rental car area.

Some of you may be wondering, “What is this poke thing we keep hearing about?” Well, poke is #1) absolutely one of the most amazing things you’ll ever taste in Hawaii, #2) best when fresh which it is at Like Poke?, #3) a healthy meal option, and #4) a famous local-style seafood salad that comes in many forms. Like Poke? is pretty much the creme de la creme of Maui poke food trucks, offering many different specialty poke styles, raw and fried. This Maui food truck begins serving plates around 10 am, typically sells out by noon, but can still be found slingin’ poke plates until about 2 pm (if you’re lucky).

Some of the most popular poke styles from Like Poke? are the Shoyu Wasabi, Shoyu Ginger, Spicy Ahi, Tako Poke, and the dangerously delicious Fried Poke drizzled with a yummy sauce and garnished with tobiko. Poke and fish plates are served with steamed white rice, a traditional local-style Mac salad, and sometimes on a bed of fresh Kula greens. Enjoy!

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Horhitos Mobile Taqueria

If you’re looking for some of the best fish tacos on Maui, definitely check out Horhitos in Kihei. This South Maui mobile taqueria offers an expansive menu of salads, wraps, quesadilla’s, tacos, burritos, Hawaiian plates, and Breakfast selections.

Without a doubt, the most popular items on the Horhitos Maui food truck menu are their tacos! All reasonably priced (under $4 each), guests can choose from yummy Shrimp Tacos, Fresh Ono or Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Smoked Roasted Pork Tacos, Steak Tacos and their super delicious Al Pastor Tacos (pork marinated in a tropical sauce with fresh cilantro and onions). Other favorite items on the Horhitos menu are the Dakine Burrito and any of their Hawaiian Plates. The Hawaiian Plates (priced around $14 each) is big and hearty surf n’ turf style combo plates served with steamed rice and local-style Mac salad.

There has been some confusion about where guests can find Horhitos! They did have a quick stint on the North Shore in Paia but are now back in South Maui. The Horhitos Maui food truck can be found at 1975 South Kihei Road, 10am-9pm, seven days a week.

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Thai Mee Up

If you’re looking for some of the best Thai food on Maui, definitely check out Thai Mee Up in Kahului. This Central Maui food truck restaurant offers an expansive menu of authentic Thai food creations like fried pork ribs, garlic shrimp, pad Thai’s, curries and more. It’s all delicious!

We’re not surprised that they won Best Food Truck on Maui for 2017. From the moment you walk up to their food truck and check out the menu- until the moment you walk away pleased and full, you’ll be stoked. There are few options for authentic Thai food on the Island of Maui, and nothing compares to the creativity, freshness and invigorating tastes that are embodied by eating at Thai Mee Up.

First of all, this food truck is owned and manned down by Chef Tom Sribura. He was a chef at Mama’s Fish House in Ku’au for over 20 years. Awesome, amazing, and fantastic to know that this Maui chef not only has the training and experience to cultivate a successful Maui eatery, but he also has the intense life and works background to provide the best Thai food that Maui’s has ever tasted.

Located in our ‘Food Truck Parking Lot’ across the road from Costco in Kahului, this is a great spot to visit before or after an airport excursion, or when you’re headed to town to run errands. It will quickly become one of your go-to places for a meal, snack or food to-go on Maui.

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Maui Fresh Streatery

If you’re looking for more fantastic food truck options, don’t skip Maui Fresh Streatery’s food truck. The menu is always delicious with a variety of locally grown ingredients that are cooked fresh, and made with lots of aloha!

Residents and visitors can find Maui Fresh Streatery at a variety of locations around Maui. They do not have a permanent location, so the best way to find them is by visiting their social media accounts. This is where you’ll find information about daily locations, daily menus, and hours of operation. Generally, they are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s from 11am-1pm.

Owner-Chef Kawakami is always creating some super innovative menu selections. He fuses the flavors of local-style Hawaiian plates, Indian, French, Italian, American, Pan-Asian and Gastro-pub style dishes. You never know what you’ll get at the Maui Fresh Streatery, but it’s guaranteed to be fresh and tasty!

Some past favorites from the Maui Fresh Streatery food truck have been a Maui Cattle Co. Braised Brisket Poutine, the Hawaiian Mahi Mahi Caesar Salad, Truffle Oil French Fries, Salad Nicoise, Aloo Tikki, Fried Calamari Salad, Indian Spiced Seared Ahi, Desi Fries, Cioppino, Kimchee, Burgers, Desserts and more.

For more information, visit Maui Fresh Streatery:

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Jawz Fish Tacos

Oh, yeah baby… You came to Maui for surf, sunshine, relaxation, and fish tacos, so check out the Jawz Fish Tacos food trucks in South Maui! Jawz Tacos food trucks have been on the road longer than any Maui food truck business, so feel assured that this is not a one-stop kind of shop.

Jawz Tacos is consistent, delicious, authentically California-Mexican, and a local favorite. Any self-proclaimed fish taco experts visiting the beautiful Makena area should pull over for a taco and shave ice! If you can’t find their truck, check out the Jawz Tacos taqueria at the Lipoa Center off of South Kihei Road*

If you’re headed to or from Makena Beach, two Jawz Fish Tacos food trucks can be found parked along the side of the road. They’re open 7 days a week from 10-5pm. Here, guests will love taco options with fresh Fish (Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ahi, Snapper), Shrimp, Pork, Steak, and Chicken Tacos. Jawz Maui food trucks also offer Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, and fresh Shave ice.

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Kina’ole Grill

As soon as you find the Kina’ole Grill food truck, you will find yourself in Hawaiian local-style food heaven! The menu at this Maui food truck is kind of like local Hawaiian fare mixed with fresh and healthy California-style cooking… it’s the bomb!

The Kina’ole Grill food truck menu offers a rotating selection of plates that, on average, range between $12-$16. They are located at 77 Alanui Keali’i Drive in Kihei and open seven days a week from 11 am-8 pm. So, you can go to this Maui food truck for lunch, snacks, and dinner!

Favorite menu items include Panko Crusted Mahi Mahi, Garlic Shrimp, Spicy Garlic Shrimp, Chicken Katsu, Seared Ahi with a wasabi sauce, Crispy Calamari, Pulled Pork served with a sweet guava sauce and perfect Coconut Shrimp with a Thai Chili Sauce. All plates are served with a side of rice pilaf and an organic green salad, so don’t feel guilty when you order the Kina’ole Grill Lilikoi Cheesecake. Ha! You’re on vacation (or, a staycation), and you deserve it! Here, all guests will leave with a full belly, a smile of satisfaction stretching across their faces, and double shakas for days!

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El Taco Borracho

El Taco Borracho is an authentic Mexican food truck located at the Food Truck Courtyard in Lower Ka’anapali. During the day, El Taco Borracho and a few other food trucks are open for lunch and into the afternoon. In the evening, El Taco Borracho and the Courtyard really come alive! Here’s where Maui residents and guests can enjoy some truly delicious ‘South of the Border’ favorites.

The owner and staff at this mobile Maui taqueria are super nice, accommodating, and full of positive vibes. The menu is full of fresh and delicious items like taco plates, quesadillas, tortas, burritos, tasty seafood plates, and daily specials. Their truck is named after Mexico’s famous borracho plates – and, you’ll certainly find those here. We highly recommend the Shrimp Borracho Plate. So ono!

We love this Maui food truck for so many reasons including food quality, consistent delicious-ness, and value. The plates are reasonably priced, and although you can eat outside at a picnic table, it’s also a perfect option for to-go orders.

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Three’s Food Truck

Most people know of the Three’s Grill brick and mortar restaurant in the Kihei Kalama Village Shopping Center, but lots of folks, even Maui residents haven’t yet checked out their food truck. The fascinating thing about this Maui food truck is that they were a restaurant first, so these guys already have some killer menu selections and excellent customer service experience that they now get to share with us on the road.

The Three’s Food Truck wanders around the Island of Maui but can be consistently found at the Saturday Kahului Swap Meet, and Maui Friday Town Party’s: Wailuku First Fridays, Makawao Third Fridays, and Kihei Fourth Fridays. The Three’s Food Truck is also available for private events. Three’s food is award-winning, farm-to-table fresh and always deliciously luxurious. Three’s Food Truck has also become one of the most popular catering options for Maui destination weddings*

Menu items at the Three’s Food truck include some of their favorite restaurant selections. Depending on the day and a rotating Maui food truck menu, guests can find Peruvian Pork Tacos, Hurricane French Fries; Panko Crusted Ahi Rolls with a Thai curry butter sauce (yum!), Soft Shell Crab Po’boys, and their famous Hamakua Mushroom & Swiss Cheeseburger.

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Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill


Next time you head to Hana Town in East Maui, make sure to plan a stop at the Braddah Hutts food truck. For GPS and Google maps, plug in 5305 Hana Highway, that is the closest address to this delicious Maui food truck of aloha. It’s located about a mile past the historic Hasegawa General Store, and only open until 2 pm, so make sure to arrive early*

So, what kind of tasty grinds will you find at Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill? Get excited, because you will surely see a world of perfectly cooked plates of easy classics, local foods, and the freshest and tastiest meats and seafood you have ever tasted in your life. Hatota Tehiva, the owner of Braddah Hutts, is known as the “Filet Master.”

When at Braddah Huts in Hana, be aware that you will be served up big huge plates of food! We suggest that you arrive with your hungry family or group of friends and order as many different dishes as possible. This way, you can chow down family-style, and everyone can taste some of everything. The BBQ chicken marinade is outstanding- most definitely the best on Maui, and Braddah’s Shrimp Pasta is to die for. Another favorite plate is the fresh island caught Mahi Mahi served with fresh vegetables and a light creamy sauce. And, two more popular items include the perfectly grilled Pork Ribs plate served with two scoops of white rice and one of the best mac salads on Maui, and the delicious Fish Tacos served with an ono pineapple caper salsa.

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Mahalo Nui Loa for reading Pride of Maui’s Top Maui Food Trucks article! We wish you all the best during your next trip to the Island of Maui. Have you eaten at any of the above Maui food trucks? Which is your favorite?