Top 10 Things to Do
on Maui After Dark

Aloha and welcome to our Top 10 Things to do on Maui After Dark! Maui is an active island full of gorgeous beaches, excellent snorkeling, and amazing hiking. With so many incredible options for daytime fun, sometimes visitors don’t realize that we also have some pretty great choices for things to do at night.

Best Maui Nightlife After Dark Activities

For those who would like to keep exploring into the evening, there is a wide variety of nightlife options for some fun on Maui after dark. There is surely something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something relaxing or adrenaline-pumping, we’ve got you covered!


Explore Maui Friday Town Parties

Every “Aloha Friday” on Maui, the Maui County Office of Economic Development hosts a free town party in a different location throughout the island. This is truly one of the best ways to celebrate Maui’s culture, community, art, and music. These family-fun events are also a great way for visitors to check out Maui’s historical small towns, taste some delicious local foods, enjoy some of the island’s best talent, and shop for local art, crafts, and goods. These parties offer fun for both visitors and residents of all ages.

“Five Towns, Five Fridays, Five Parties!”

1st Fridays – Wailuku
2nd Fridays – Lahaina
3rd Fridays – Makawao
4th Fridays – Kihei
5th Fridays – Lana’i

No matter which town party you choose to attend, they are all family-friendly and community-minded, with a hometown feel full of good vibes. This is an awesome way to spend a night on Maui after the sun goes down.

Please note: all Maui Friday Town Parties, except 4th Fridays in Kihei, are temporarily on hold until further notice.

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Go Bar Hopping & Dancing in Paia Town

The historical town of Paia is a great spot for a fun night of bar hopping, live music, and dancing. After a day in the sun, take a break and enjoy everything Maui’s North Shore has to offer visitors after dark. A few of Paia Town’s restaurants and bars offer happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm daily.

We suggest that you start your happy hour at Milagros for a tasty signature margarita or an ice-cold Maui Brewing Company beer. Pair this with the daily happy hour food special before wandering across the street to Café Des Amis where happy hour carries on. Here, guests can enjoy half-priced drinks and nosh on some yummy snacks in a charming courtyard with live music. We love the Lilikoi Margarita served here, and you can pair it with the Mediterranean Plate for tasty perfection.

You just can’t go wrong with any of the happy hour offerings in Paia Town. Make sure to check out some of the live music while you’re there!

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Hop Aboard a Sunset Dinner
Cruise and Luau

The Pride of Maui is the place to enjoy a sunset dinner cruise like no other. Relax with aloha in a casual luau atmosphere and enjoy spectacular views of the Hawaiian sunset. This is one of the most enjoyable after-dark activities you can do while on Maui.

Imagine the calm ocean breezes, sipping on premium cocktails, and savoring fresh and tasty foods. Now picture all of this while enjoying a luau-style dinner show and watching the gorgeous Maui sunset. Polynesian dancers perform traditional hulas, and they will even encourage you to try it out for yourself. You won’t want to miss out on the incredible experience to be had on our sunset dinner cruise.

Onboard the Pride of Maui, the drinks are included! Our drink menu features locally brewed beers, regional red and white wines, and a full bar for some delicious cocktails and mixed drinks.

For dinner, you will choose from top-quality, chef-inspired, freshly prepared dishes. We offer delectable fare like island-style baby back ribs, coconut-roasted sweet potatoes, and shoyu chicken. After dinner, enjoy a sweet Hawaiian-style dessert. We have some vegan and vegetarian options from which to choose too!

The Pride of Maui boasts a 3000-sq ft. open deck. You just can’t beat the sights to be seen from the expansive observation deck with unobstructed views of Maui’s unsurpassed coastline. While visiting during the winter (December through March), you may also see some of Maui’s famous Humpback Whales!

Discover the perfect way to experience Maui after dark with the one and only Pride of Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise and Luau. We promise that this will be one of the most cherished memories of your Maui vacation.

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Cruise and Luau

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Try Maui Nighttime Scuba Diving

Maui nighttime scuba diving is an experience like no other, immersing divers into a mysterious and enchanting world beneath the waves. As the sun sets, the waters off Maui’s coast transform into a nocturnal underwater wonderland, offering a completely different perspective than daytime dives.

The real magic begins once you slip beneath the surface. Illuminated by a dive light, imagine how the vibrant colors of the reef will come alive in a way they don’t during the day. Maui divers can have the opportunity to see rare marine life emerge under the cloak of darkness while witnessing their nocturnal behaviors in real-time. See Maui marine life like octopuses, eels, and perhaps the elusive manta rays.

Please note that, like daytime Maui scuba diving, all guests must be certified to join this late-night adventure. Maui scuba dive companies and private charters may also require dive experience in the past two years or direct guests to take a refresher certification course first. If you are seriously interested in this Maui activity, plan so you can fulfill your dream of nighttime scuba diving on Maui.

As with any ocean activity, safety is paramount, and diving with experienced Maui guides who know the local waters is essential. Night diving in Maui isn’t just a dive; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that stays with you long after you’ve returned to the shore.

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Find Luck at Mulligans on the Blue

Wailea’s Mulligans on the Blue restaurant and bar is one of those tried and true spots on Maui.

As Maui’s only Irish pub, and with its lush green surroundings and golf course views, Mulligans offers a unique blend of traditional Irish charm and aloha. It’s 100% a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors.

Upon entering the pub, visitors are welcomed by a gentle breeze in the warm, indoor-outdoor atmosphere. The open-air setting provides gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and Maui’s mesmerizing sunsets. It’s undoubtedly a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience and vacation photos.

What sets Mulligans apart is its eclectic menu, a fusion of Irish pub classics and Hawaiian local food plates. Dishes like the Guinness Braised Short Ribs or the Fresh Ahi Tuna Salad are local favorites, showcasing the perfect balance of hearty Irish flavors with the freshness of Maui-grown and Maui-caught ingredients. The bar doesn’t disappoint either, offering a wide selection of beers, including local Hawaiian brews and Irish staples. They also offer some super tasty tropical cocktails with a twist of mixology.

Dinner and late night entertainment at Mulligans is as diverse as its menu. The pub regularly hosts live music, ranging from traditional Irish tunes to reggae to rock and island-style jams. It’s also a popular spot for special events, such as St. Patrick’s Day, where the fusion of cultures is at its luckiest!

Check out Maui’s Mulligans on the Blue for a rare blend of Irish hospitality and aloha.

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Go Stargazing at Haleakala

Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world and reaches a height of 10,023 feet. This is one of the best places in the world to stargaze as it offers excellent visibility. It’s easy to see why this spot is such a popular destination for astronomers from all around the globe.

Maui Stargazing offers private group tours that are unique and perfect for all ages. The tour starts out with a magnificent sunset from the summit of Haleakala. The view from up here is simply breathtaking. You’ll have time to watch as the sky changes colors over the cloud line. It’s such a rare and amazing perspective.

Before the dark descends, you will be moved to an observation site for a captivating laser-guided tour of the constellations. This family-friendly adventure includes the use of a telescope for viewing star clusters, galaxies, and visible planets. Temperatures do drop quite a bit at this elevation, but don’t worry. All of the warm clothing that you and your group will need to keep you comfortable throughout your stargazing session will be provided.

If you are looking for something totally different and awe-inspiring to do while visiting Maui, then look no further. Stargazing at one of the most beautiful places in the world is the perfect after-dark option!

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Savor Sunset Cocktails & Pizza Dinner at Marlow

Mauiʻs Restaurant Marlow is located in the heart of Pukalani. Situated on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala, this Maui restaurant offers a unique dining experience that encapsulates the spirit of Mauiʻs culinary scene. Renowned for Neapolitan pizzas and a local twist on classic Italian dishes, this restaurant is a true culinary gem.

The menu at Marlow is a testament to the richness of Hawaii’s agricultural bounty, featuring dishes that are as innovative and comforting as they are fresh. Their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients wherever and whenever possible makes them stand out even more. Their menu comprises dishes made with foods from local Maui farms, like produce from Kupa’a Farms and fungi and veggies from Lapa’au Farms in Olinda. They also use Lopes Farms, a generational family of Upcountry Maui ranchers, for whole hogs and local ground beef.

When dining at Marlow, the indoor and outdoor ambiance adds to the allure. The setting is casual, offering a welcoming environment that is both Maui chic and relaxed. The friendly customer service is notable for its warmth and positive vibes, providing a satisfying and memorable Maui dining experience.

Each dish at this family-run Maui restaurant is carefully crafted to showcase the natural flavors of every ingredient. Marlow is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Maui’s locally grown flavors and vibrant culinary scene.

Please note: Marlow does not take reservations, so if you are craving cocktails and pizza with an Upcountry sunset view, arrive early to snag a spot.

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Visit Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC)

While planning your next vacation trip to Maui, make sure to check out the event schedule at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC). Since opening its doors in 1994, the MACC continues to be the top performing arts complex on Maui. It is located right in the heart of Kahului.

This amazing center offers a wide array of Hawaiian cultural programs, live music, theater, and dance performances. Guests will also enjoy movie screenings inside or, if you’re lucky, outside under the stars.

Check out one of Maui’s special music events in the MACC’s Castle Theater or at one of the ongoing cultural events, like the Ku Mai Ka Hula competition. One of our favorite events held here is the family-friendly movie night, “Starry Night Cinema.” This is a free movie night under the stars that your kids will love! For a more mature crowd (21 and up), ArT=Mix is one of Maui’s most popular events. This is an amazing interactive event for artists and guests, where they will have the space to work together and connect on an artistic level.

There is always something fun and interesting going on at the MACC. This spot is another perfect place to head to when the sun goes down on Maui.

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Attend a Luau

Nothing will immerse you in Hawaiian Culture quite like experiencing a luau on Maui. This fun Hawaiian tradition is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Traditionally, Hawaiian luaus begin with a lei greeting and a refreshing Mai Tai or tropical fruit punch. Most of the luaus offer an open bar featuring several delicious tropical drinks.

Prior to seating time, Hawaiian arts and crafts will be set up for purchase. Guests can participate in demonstrations of Hawaiian practices, such as husking a coconut or playing traditional games.

Of course, there will be an offering of everyone’s favorite, Kalua Pig, cooked the traditional way in an imu (underground oven). It is unearthed just before dinner and served at a customary Imu Ceremony. Guests will also enjoy an array of other Hawaiian dishes served at luaus. There will be foods like poi, a native Hawaiian staple that is made from Toro root, and of course some fresh island fish. After dinner, the show begins with dances, music, and featured costumes from all of the chief Polynesian cultures.

While visiting the Valley Isle, you will not want to miss out on the unique and engaging phenomenon that is the luau. This is the most authentic after-dark event that you will experience here. It will leave you with a lasting impression of the true aloha spirit that Maui embraces long after the sun goes down.

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Sing Karaoke

What better place is there for you to sing karaoke than in a tropical island paradise where nobody knows your name? Maui truly offers a wide variety of karaoke bars for your after-dark entertainment. Here are a few of our top recommendations:

Sansei now offers two locations. There is one in Kihei on Maui’s South Shore and the other is in Kapalua, West Maui. This is one of our absolute favorite spots for karaoke in Maui. With its fun and upbeat atmosphere, it is easy to see why Sansei is so popular with residents and visitors alike. Plus, you can enjoy ono (delicious) sushi, sake, and specialty cocktails while belting out your favorite tunes!

For more information, please visit Sansei.

Stopwatch is Upcountry Maui’s karaoke hot-spot on Thursday and Saturday nights. The entertainment begins at 9:00 pm but keep in mind that it can get busy here. Make sure to show up early (by 8:30) to get a table and pick out your songs. If you are looking for a late dinner or pupus (appetizers), please note that the kitchen does close at 9:30 pm here. Some of our favorite menu items are the patty melt, Maui onion rings, and the crispy fried pickles!

For more information, please visit Stopwatch.

Haui’s Life’s a Beach
Located in Kihei, Haui’s Life’s a Beach is a sweet local karaoke spot on Maui’s South Shore. This is the perfect place for straight-off-the-beach happy hour drinks and some great karaoke. It’s a lively and friendly bar with delicious cocktails and food, plus it has indoor and outdoor seating.

The karaoke nights can change here, so make sure to check out their entertainment schedule at Life’s a Beach.

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See a Show

At any given time of the year, Maui offers its fair share of excellent shows for visitors to enjoy after dark. In addition to booking your luau, you will want to make sure that you schedule one or more of Maui’s excellent stage shows into your plans.

While on Maui, you’ll find a wide variety of stage shows from which to choose. You might see a spontaneous night of comedy, or some spectacular theatrical and dance productions. If you and your family enjoy the theater, you will love experiencing a full-blown show that rivals those of many of the cities on the mainland.

Maui On Stage’s Historic Iao Theater has been consistently voted the “Best Live Theater on Maui.” They offer amazing shows with top talent in a gorgeous and intimate historical theater.

In fact, the Iao Theater is a historical landmark and a testament to Maui’s rich cultural heritage. Built in 1928, this theater is renowned for its classical architecture and elegant interior, embodying the charm of early 20th-century design. As Maui’s oldest theater, it holds a special place in the community, hosting various performances ranging from plays and musicals to concerts and cultural events. The Iao Theater’s commitment to showcasing local talent and providing a venue for artistic expression makes it one of Maui’s most interesting and supported cultural hubs.

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Mahalo nui loa for reading Pride of Maui’s Top 10 Things to Do on Maui After Dark. Maui offers a variety of fun and exciting activities to enjoy after the sun goes down. What was your favorite after-dark experience while visiting Maui? Until next time, a hui hou!

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