How to Best Support Maui in the Wake of the Devastating Wildfires

Visiting Maui after the devastating wildfires can significantly help boost the island’s economy in various ways. Maui’s tourism plays a pivotal role in its recovery, injecting much-needed funds into local businesses. Tourists booking accommodations, dining at restaurants, and purchasing souvenirs contribute directly to job creation and income generation for residents.

Maui is open

Furthermore, the influx of visitors aids in the restoration of affected areas by supporting volunteer efforts and donating to local charities. The increased demand for tourism-related services also fuels employment opportunities, helping residents recover after the fires.

Visitors can actively participate in the island’s healing process by choosing Maui as their next travel destination, fostering resilience and growth within the local community. In fact, a few airlines are offering some great flight deals to encourage visitors back to Maui’s shores. Visit the websites of Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Alaskan Airlines to book fair deals to Maui that are up to 40% less than average rates.


Lahaina is closed, but Maui is open!

Below is a short list of organizations that need support. Each one is a crucial member of Maui’s wildfire disaster relief efforts. The Maui community has lost family members, they have lost homes, lost businesses, lost jobs, and they have lost pets. The island has been impacted by the devastation of humanity, the destruction of Lahaina town, Upcountry Kula homes and forests, and a severe environmental impact on the lands, ocean, and reefs.

The following organizations are aiding in a variety of efforts for Maui’s community: displaced families, people needing immediate aid, injured and lost animals, coral reef recovery, safety, the environment, clean water, and the survival of Hawaiian culture for West Maui and beyond.

Please visit their websites to learn more about their efforts, how to donate, and how you can organize plans to volunteer on vacation.

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