Top 10 Places for Holistic
Services on Maui

Maui is one of the most highly concentrated holistic hot spots in the United States. In regards to the whole State of Hawaii, you’ll not only find the best holistic services in Maui, but you’ll also find top healing arts centers in Maui, too. ‘Holistic’ refers to a treatment philosophy that addresses the “whole” person. It includes many healing modalities: yoga, bodywork massage, chiropractic work, acupuncture, nutritional cleanses, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to name a handful. If you’re beginning to research available healing services in Maui, you will soon find that there are a surplus of amazing places for all types of healing bodywork treatments, and massage in Maui.

Holistic Services on Maui

Here, in Hawaii, the ancient holistic ritual of lomi lomi nui massage is also practiced. This is an indigenous holistic service, but most importantly an ancient Hawaiian massage and bodywork ritual. This is definitely a unique offering, and something to look into during your next vacation in Maui. As we know, hallmarks of holistic care are recognizing the connectedness of body, mind, and spirit and treating the cause, not the symptom. Just about every major street, and charming neighborhood in Maui is lined with holistic centers. There are many excellent choices, but the following ten earn our ranking as the best places for holistic services in Maui. Relax, decompress and enjoy…

Top 10 Places for Holistic Services on Maui


Located in Kihei, RevitalizeMaui is offering a variety of services for residents and visitors who are seeking to optimize their health and wellness, improving the quality of life. Owner, Dr. Emeka B. Okwuje is an expert in the field of anti-aging, longevity and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Okwuje customizes each patient’s treatments based on their individual wants and needs.

IV Nutrient Therapy is an advanced anti-aging medicine that is very popular all around the world. Common uses for IV nutrient therapy include jet lag and hangover. Both of these treatments contain a high dose of Vitamin C and are a perfect health boosting choice for those wanting to try out IV therapy. Vitamin B injections consist of a blend of B Complex and vitamin B12 and are also a great way to boost your energy. We promise this will give you the lift you need after a long flight or night partying in Maui, and it will only take a few minutes to start feeling the results!

RevitalizeMaui also offers BHRT (bioidentical hormone therapy) that addresses hormonal imbalances and weight loss packages that include fat burning injections, weight loss medications, and fitness & nutritional programs.

For those interested in aesthetics, Dr. Okwuje offers expert precision in Botox and filler treatments that will leave you looking healthy, beautiful and completely natural. Whichever treatment you choose, RevitalizeMaui is a fantastic place to sit back, relax and treat yourself to some of the most significant advances in the realm of longevity, anti-aging, and aesthetic medicine.

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Ho’omana Spa

Ho’omana Spa is tucked away about 3-miles up Piiholo Road in Olinda. However, ‘spa’ is an oversimplification. The Ho’omana Spa location has the feeling of a quiet retreat, maybe even a cultural center. Ho’omana embraces a long lineage of teachers specializing in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and related techniques.

Native Hawaiians, Jeana Iwalani Naluai and her husband, both massage therapists, originally started the spa out of a single room in their house. Ho’omana now occupies all of their property and includes four treatment rooms, a bathhouse, native Hawaiian botanical gardens, two guesthouses available for rent, and a sacred space reserved for Lomi Lomi massage training. The Ho’omana Spa not only strives to bring ancient Hawaiian healing to the modern day spa experience, but they succeed in great lengths.

All of Ho’omana’s Maui massage therapists are trained on the property by Kumu Jeana. In addition to learning spa techniques, they also are educated about Hawaiian history and culture. Jeana offers several training sessions throughout the year with students coming from all around the world. All of their Maui spa products are made on site and infused with organic herbs from the garden. These range from herbal body mist hydrosols, to coconut kukui based sugar and salt scrubs.

Ho’omana means ‘to empower” in the ancient Hawaiian language. All clients are encouraged to become proactive and become an active part of their healing service. Guests can walk through the garden where herbs are labeled with their holistic benefits, and then choose which ones they feel drawn to for use for an herbal tea bath. Guests have the option of selecting from an a la carte menu of 60-90 minute massages or longer holistic sessions, which may include chanting, prayers, traditional music, heated stones and cultural education in healing herbs.

The Ho’omana Spa blog also provides some wonderful recipes, wellness tips, and Hawaiian culture learning.

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MAHA Yoga & Wellness Center

MAHA Yoga & Wellness Center is a hidden gem located right in the heart of Paia Town. They’re located on the top floor of the building behind the parking lot of Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon.

From their second story vantage point, all guests will instantly feel welcomes with gorgeous North Shore views, and a tranquil and peaceful environment. Their two fully equipped treatment rooms are spacious, quiet, and beautifully decorated with pieces made by local Maui artists.

MAHA Yoga & Wellness Center offer a team of well trained and experienced therapists and consultants. All health and wellness practitioners are passionate, and committed to helping clients find a “go to wellness ritual” for daily living that will build health, strength, and beauty from within.

Practitioners offer a selection of services that combine the sciences of yoga, Ayurveda, physical therapy, therapeutic bodywork, Shiatsu massage, nutrition and lifestyle consultations, intuitive healing services, and more. They also provide regular presentations and workshops to help clients meet their health, healing, and wellness goals.

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Green Ti

Green Ti is a holistic space with a mom and pop feel on Market Street in Wailuku. Owners Erica and Michael Oleksa have owned the Green Ti shop for over eight years, and provide guests with fourteen loyal massage therapists with far-reaching massage skills. All of their Maui massage therapists are trained in the most popular styles – several of them have additional training in more obscure healing arts, making Green Ti very versatile. Green Ti offers daily massage services as well as Maui acupuncture services three days per week.

Green Ti is unique in that the majority of their clientele is local. Space is more community based, and clients can receive services that are often a fraction of the price of the resort areas. Their four treatment rooms provide locals and visitors alike with affordable Maui holistic services seven days per week. Green Ti also offers specials, like a fifteen-minute neck and shoulder massage for $15. Green Ti also provides discounts for services booked as a package, so you can always find an excellent value for spa services at this Maui day spa.

Just like the name, the interior space at Green Ti is very Zen. As soon as you enter, you will notice Bamboo rugs and walls, beautiful nature-themed photographs, relaxing music, and the scent of lavender contributing to their tranquil environment. They even have complimentary tea in the waiting area which is garnished with wellness books on a variety of subjects – yoga, nutrition, travel, and self-help. The Green Ti shop sells herbal teas, tonics, essential oils, greeting cards, eco-friendly shoes, and handmade bath products.

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Jewel Salon and Spa

Jewel Salon and Spa is just about as close as it comes to aesthetic perfection. This Maui day spa is adorned with bright colors and funky décor; it fits in perfectly with the hip yet homey vibe of Baldwin Avenue in Makawao. At the Jewel Salon and Spa, not only does the quality of the products used to provide a sense of beauty that lies both inside and out, but it is also a common theme at this Maui spa.

Owner Jennifer Dreisch has a saying “Nurture your jewel, inside as well as out.” At the Jewel Salon and Spa, guests can lavish in amazing hair and nail services, a variety of facials, waxing, acupuncture, massage, and Maui bridal services. They also offer Chinese herbal consultations, crystal therapy, and cupping. All esthetic lines used at the Jewel Salon in Makawao are naturally clean and chemical-free products; Sweet Mana, Zoya Nails, Phyto, Ling Skin Care, DoTerra, and Olaplex. The ‘Self-care Incentive Program’ at Jewel allows return clients to receive a free 60-minute massage after ten services of any kind. They also host some awesome monthly events and have some wonderful gift and spa products for purchase.

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Longevity Health Center

Located on the lush leeward side of the West Maui Mountains in Wailuku Town, Longevity Health Center is a collective holistic wellness center. The practitioners here are licensed, trained and well versed in modern as well as ancient techniques. This winning combination offers patients healing, wellness, and longevity along their journey.

With over a dozen independent business owners sharing the space here, owner Jeffrey Tice, LAc, has created a healing space for Maui holistic providers to focus on their practice while having less stress of owning a small business. They currently host acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritional therapists, and a chiropractor. Their primary goal is to fill in the gaps of conventional care by intergrading the body, mind, and spirit of their patients.

Serving Maui’s residents as well as its visitors, Longevity Health Center offers a service called “Community Acupuncture.” This revolutionary practice makes acupuncture services accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Because they believe that healthcare should be available to all, they offer sliding scale rates per session in a community setting to keep costs down. Longevity Health Center is definitely the best place on Maui to receive Community Acupuncture. They also offer movement therapy classes including Somatics, Yoga Therapy, Tai Chi and more.

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Three Treasures

Located in Haiku, Three Treasures is a Maui holistic healing center owned by Chinta MacKinnon and Ricardo Molczadzki. The pair is originally from Germany and Argentina respectively but has been in Hawaii for over 20 years. Three Treasures opened in 2000 in Paia but moved to Haiku in 2008. Chinta specializes in massage, and Ricardo specializes in acupuncture, and both of them are well-versed in herbal medicine modalities. They also work with four other massage therapists including their daughter and one other acupuncturist.

Three Treasures offers three treatment rooms and a pool for their services. Chinta practices and teaches Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi and barefoot shiatsu massage. Her massages are a mixture of many styles depending on client needs and have an excellent reputation as one of the best massage therapists in Maui. Three Treasures Acupuncture specializes in fertility, female issues, pre and post labor, hormonal balancing, pain management, immune system, and digestive problems. They can also provide herbal remedies in conjunction with acupuncture services. The owners are genuinely holistic in philosophy, stressing the importance of noticing patterns of symptoms that affect the mental, emotional and physical body. All guests of Three Treasures will receive the very best massage and Maui acupuncture services available.

In addition to providing massage and Maui acupuncture services, Three Treasures also offers micro-acupuncture eye care treatments. This is a steady and non-invasive process that improves eyesight for up to 6 months. It will also slow down the aging of degenerative diseases that affect vision. Perhaps a unique treatment at Three Treasures is their water massage services. The pool is housed in a geodesic dome and kept at body temperature. Clients often say it feels like being in their mother’s womb, and they experience deep relaxation while being massaged as they float.

Upon entering the Three Treasures Maui healing center, guests will surely recognize an instant calming effect, similar to the feeling one might get when walking into a temple. Three Treasures also has a pharmacy with about 300 herbs – Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western. The Three Treasures pharmacy provides patients with teas, tinctures, and customized mixed formulas by individual need.

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Dragon’s Den Healing Center & Spa

Dragon’s Den in Makawao is a shared wellness space with several holistic healing modalities. Founded by Dr. Malik Cotter in 1982, his clients go to him for acupuncture, oriental medicine, and Qi Gong. In the garden space, clients can find intimate healing modalities with a handful of the best holistic practitioners and natural medicine doctors on Maui. They also share space with Dr. Kern and the Grace Clinic.

Located just off Baldwin Avenue in Makawao, guests will find the Dragon’s Den herb store in the courtyard. Here, you’ll find many standards and customized supplements, herbs, incense, books, and crystals. It’s definitely considered the best places to buy rare holistic products and Chinese herbal formulas on Maui. The Dragon’s Den Herb Shop also has a tea bar with elixirs for purchase like Hawaiian noni shots, hot tea, chlorophyll shots, cider tonics, and green drinks. Dragon’s Den also maintains a monthly event calendar in the garden area. They also offer ‘Tea Thursdays,’ a cleanse class, and many weekly discounts and promotions.

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Dr. Kern and Grace Health

Dr. David Kern is highly regarded as an exceedingly trusted and respected holistic healthcare physician on Maui. This is largely due to Dr. Kern’s ability to listen to patients and adapt to their individual needs. He believes in treating the whole person by identifying and treating the problem, doing no harm, using preventative medicine and functioning as a teacher as well as a physician.

Boasting over 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Kern is Maui’s top naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist. His specialties are in women’s health, sports medicine, therapeutic nutrition, weight control, wellness medicine, and immune function.

Dr. Kern and Grace Health Centers provide an array of services that emphasize naturopathic medicine as well as offering an on-site holistic pharmacy. Service include IV Nutritional Therapy, which is becoming very popular these days. IV nutritional therapy is customized to the patients’ needs. This is a cocktail containing a solution of vitamins, minerals, and other natural occurring nutritive substances that are infused directly into the bloodstream. This offers the patient optimum nutrient-absorption. IV therapy not only helps with hangover and dehydration, but it can also assist to relieve migraines, fatigue and it is an excellent option for those looking for a nutritional, athletic and/or an immune boost.

Offering two locations, Dr. Kern alternates his time between Grace Health Clinic’s found in his Maui Upcountry office in Pukalani and also in Kihei, on Maui’s South Shore.

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Maui’s Best Massage

Maui’s Best Massage offers a unique outcall massage service on Maui. Their services are perfect for visitors and locals alike, and best for those who would prefer to receive Maui outcall massage service in the convenience of their own home or hotel.

The owner and Maui massage therapist Sam Molitas started this business four years ago after a decade of experience in the industry. Sam wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to get massages anytime, and anywhere they choose. He and his team of mobile Maui massage therapists travel to any part of the island and bring everything necessary – massage table, sheets, lotions, oils, and music.

Maui’s Best Massage has grown to about a dozen massage therapists, both male and female. They have a range of specialties but like to keep it simple with a focus on relaxation massage, lomilomi, and deep tissue. They specialize in couples massage, with about half of their patients requesting that service. They also specialize in short-notice appointments and can usually accommodate anyone provided that they have 24-hour notice.

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Top 10 Places For Holistic Services In Maui article! We are so fortunate to have so many options when it comes to holistic services and healing centers on Maui. Where are some of your favorite places on Maui for massage, acupuncture and other holistic healing services?

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