Top Art Galleries on Maui

E Komo Mai (welcome) to Pride of Maui’s Top 10 Art Galleries on Maui article! With a great sense of pride and the warmest alohas, we have compiled a list of the best art galleries on Maui. Some are tucked away hidden gems that you’d only know of if you were in the know, and some have been around for decades.
Learn how each one of these Maui art galleries shares a vast array of talent, creativity, color, vibrancy, and techniques with the public.

Best Art Galleries on Maui

All of these galleries display art work made by local Maui artists; each one is a beautiful and unparalleled experience. Go ahead, and plan your next shopping adventure at local galleries on Maui. Discover rare souvenirs from Hawaii, and your next Made in Hawaii gift. With our valuable insiders knowledge, we always recommend the Best Things To Do on Maui to our readers. Mahalo for reading!


Maui Hands Galleries

With four locations around the Island of Maui, Maui Hands has its art gallery formula down. They represent over 300 local fine artists, jewelers, potters, glassblowers, sculptors, woodworkers, and various artisans. Their first location opened in Makawao in 1992, and have since grown to a collection of four Maui Hands Galleries around the corners of the island: Makawao, Paia, Lahaina, and Ka’anapali.

Each gallery offers a rotation of art shows on display, and live local artists for weekly events. Over the years, Maui Hands has won numerous awards, including Maui News Best Art Gallery on Maui, Best of Lahaina Award by the U.S. Local Business Association, Best of Maui from Maui Time Weekly.

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Maui Crafts Guild

Not only is Maui Crafts Guild the “only artist-owned and operated cooperative gallery” on Maui, but it also features 100% locally made handcrafted art since its opening in 1982. Each of the incredibly talented Maui artisans featured at the Maui Crafts Guild is committed to the creation of high-quality and beautiful fine crafts. This Maui gallery offers artisan items you will not see anywhere else in Hawaii or the world.

The guild is composed of woodworkers, printmakers, textile artists, ceramists, glass artists, photographers, basket weavers, jewelers, and more. Guild membership requirements strictly enforce that each artist must be a current full-time resident of Maui, and have had residency for at least six months before membership consideration. Inside knowledge states a little-known cool fact that more than one of these extremely talented masterminds has lived on Maui for over 30 years. Just sayin’, that San Francisco Summer of Love turned into the Endless Maui Summer of Love, (…gotta love North Shore life on Maui). When on-island, you must check out the Maui Crafts Guild in Paia. Here, you will find amazing gifts and creations from artists in Maui. Don’t forget to look for the banana-bark fiber-art landscapes by Mathew Westcott- they are out of this world.

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The Artists’ Showcase at
Four Seasons Maui Resort in Wailea

The Artists’ Showcase at the Four Seasons Maui Resort in Wailea is one of the most fabulous and intimate art discoveries in all of Hawaii. Managed by art professional Rosina Potter, here is an opportunity for both residents and visitors to peruse works by a variety of careful selected Hawaii-based artists.

While strolling through ocean breeze-filled resort walkways, guests can find a variety of rare and collectible art pieces. Visitors have the rare chance to view one-of-a-kind pieces and meet the artists.

Featured artists include textile artist Brenda Kennerly, wood sculpture Arthur Dennis Williams, photography by the Cesere Brothers, tropical paintings by Anna Keay and Robena, contemporary paintings by Lori Koprowski, paintings by Robert Suzuki, Hawaiian fish prints by Carrie Lee Brady, abstract art by Stephanie Sachs, woven fabrics by Cathy Detrick, hand-made ukulele by Colly Norman, and ceramics by Curt Stevens.

Art mediums at the Artists’ Showcase at the Four Seasons are diverse and alluring. Guests can find Hand-painted Silks, Hand-woven Fabrics, Hawaiian Wood Sculptures, Multimedia Sculptures, Kiln-Formed Glass, Ocean Photography, Fine Art Photography, Tropical Oil Paintings, Island-inspired Ceramics, Hawaiian Fish Prints, Abstract Art, Oil & Pastel Paintings, Monotypes, Musical Instruments, a variety of Fine Jewelry, and more.

The Artists’ Showcase takes place everyday between 8:30 am-1:30 pm. If you’re in Wailea for the day, do not miss out on this luxurious, tropical, and extremely well-curated art extravaganza.

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Lahaina Arts

Since the late 1960s, the Lahaina Arts Society has been one of the finest purveyors of local Maui artists and artisans. For over 50 years, the Lahaina Arts Society has promoted visual art on Maui with children’s art classes, special exhibits, a host of events and outdoor fine art fairs under Lahaina’s Historic Banyan Tree. They even award partial scholarships to Maui’s high school students yearly.

The Banyan Tree Gallery is on the top floor of the Lahaina Courthouse. Here is where you’ll find a host of visual art for sale, including paintings, sculpture, art prints, woodworks, ceramic art, and Maui-made jewelry.
Artists that have a feature with the Lahaina Arts Society rotate on a monthly and yearly basis. A selection of Maui’s fine-art painters includes Anna Keay, Janet Stewart, Diane Appler, Haden Burt, Karen Scarborough, and more. If you’re a lover of photography, Lahaina Arts is a great place to peruse with gorgeous pieces taken by photographers like Marty Wolff, Rob Decamp, Blake Hill, John O’Leary, and the Cesere Brothers. One of the things we enjoy best about Lahaina Arts Society is that they also feature artists with less common mediums like Beth Cooper’s linoleum art, Ellen Levinsky’s incredible feather art pieces, and Amanda McCumbee’s photorealistic art. The gallery is open daily between 9 am-5 pm (excluding some holidays).

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Art of Amanda

Based on the Island of Maui, Amanda McCumbee is a photorealistic artist. Unlike any artist on Maui, Amanda has a unique vision of bringing her paintings to life while exploring Hawaii’s gorgeous scenery, marine, and wildlife. She also creates pet portraits.
While viewing Amanda’s pieces, it’s almost like you get a feeling of an optical illusion because from afar, her art looks as if it is photography.

At second glance, your mind begins to register that these pieces are paintings created with a variety of mediums: acrylic, watercolors, pastels, oil pastels, graphite, and charcoal. An in-depth understanding of color theory is most certainly an advantageous attribute for an artist, and this skill is surely innate with Amanda.

Art of Amanda can be seen at a variety of locations throughout the Valley Isle. She participates in many local shows like the Maui Exposition (at the Kahului Swap Meet), and the annual Maui Open Studios. Maui Open Studios is one of the most celebrated art events on Maui, offering a three-week traveling exhibit. Art lovers can attend their opening celebration to meet the artists and see their work all in one venue. Then, art devotees can travel around the island of Maui to visit a variety of artists’ studios throughout the three-week exhibition. Amanda is also a member of the Lahaina Arts Society, so make sure to visit the Banyan Tree Gallery at the Old Lahaina Courthouse to view Amanda’s art on display.

For more information about Art of Amanda, please visit her website:
or her Etsy store:

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Andrew Shoemaker
Fine Art Photography

Andrew Shoemaker is a fine art photographer based on the island of Maui. After years of showcasing his beautiful works throughout Maui galleries and media publications, he decided to open his own flagship fine-art photography gallery in West Maui. Located in Maui’s most historic art district, visitors can now find the Andrew Shoemaker Fine Art Photography Gallery on Front Street in Lahaina.

Here, all will find a Maui gallery that differs from the rest. The space of the location is well-defined, well-lit, modern, and somewhat minimalistic. Shoemaker’s photography adorns the wall in such a way that the idea of ‘interior design’ is instantly elevated.

Shoemaker is world-renowned for capturing aspects of ‘Mother Nature’ seldom seen in image form; landscapes, nature, marine life, cultural sites, and portraits. He has an exceptional skill for his craft, including the timing, eye for detail, and technological capabilities that allow for this type of photography mastery.

When viewing his art, many are brought back to memories and a place of time. It’s due to his distinct skills in capturing the best shot. His work consists of sunrise and sunset bursts over notable locations, coastline scenes, rare moments with marine life, rainbows spreading over Hawaiian skies, botanicals, and a myriad of images that are not captured by any other artist of today. His art photography is most definitely a spectacle that must be experienced by one’s eye.

Visiting the Andrew Shoemaker Fine Art Photography Gallery is a definite ‘to do’ on an art lovers bucket list for Maui. Situated in the most popular location in West Maui, his gallery nestles amongst a host of renowned Maui art galleries, boutiques, historical sites, and restaurants.

When visiting Lahaina on a Friday night, visitors should pay particular attention to the weekly “Lahaina Art Night.” All Lahaina galleries welcome guests to peruse the weekly displays, participate in celebrations, and art openings. The Andrew Shoemaker Gallery should most definitely be a point of interest; guests will find that the spirit of aloha is well, true, and festivities commence in a way that creates community.
Shoemaker offers prints, larger productions, and limited edition art at his flagship Maui gallery, and online.

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Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Studio

When exploring Maui’s North Shore, we recommend taking the fifteen-minute drive up from Pa’ia to the picturesque and historic town of Makawao. With its eclectic wooden storefronts rested on the slopes of Haleakala, Makawao Town has maintained its unique and rustic charm. It’s no wonder that artist Jordanne Weinstein has chosen this scenic spot to house her artist-owned gallery.

Not only does Jordanne display her fantastic work in the gallery, but on most days, you can also find her painting here.
You’ll fall in love with Jordanne’s combination of Impressionism and Expressionism that transmits the essence of Maui. Her goal is for her viewers to have a personal connection with her paintings, bringing to mind their own memories of their time spent in the Hawaiian Islands.

Jordanne’s mediums of choice include oils, watercolor, and acrylic with gold leaf. She is famous for her Maui beachscapes, Upcountry landscapes, animals, tropical bouquet arrangements, local architecture, and her signature gold-leaf pineapple paintings. You may also specify color, background, and size by commissioning a custom painting with Jordanne. Big and small, each piece she creates is a piece of Maui that collectors can take home to revisit their memories of the valley island again and again.

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Fine Art Studio

The Village Galleries

Established in 1970, the Village Galleries are a Maui legend when it comes to art collections. They are “Maui’s oldest gallery presenting original art by Hawaii’s most sought after artists.” They have two locations in Lahaina, and one at the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. Village Galleries represents approximately 100 artists in Hawaii with various talents and specialty skills using mediums such as Mixed Media, Oil, Acrylic, Giclee, Watercolors, Copper Sculpture, Raku, Pastels, Woodworking, Bronzing, Printmaking and more.

The Village Galleries also hosts an Annual Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational Event. It is notably one of the most successful events of this category in the United States, attracting Plein Air painters from around the world. Each year, 25 artists are chosen and seen around the island of Maui, creating inspiring paintings in the outdoors.

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105 Fine Art in Wailea

Located in the Wailea Gateway Plaza, 105 Fine Art is one of Maui’s newest art galleries. Owned by artist Christine DeHoff, this gallery intends to showcase ‘locally-inspired artwork that will stir your soul.’

Here, you’ll find that earth, water, air, and fire elements are featured, celebrated, and tapped into through a variety of artistic mediums. Works created by a handful of Maui’s most talented and well-regarded artists are at 105 Fine Art. See paintings by Christine DeHoff, contemporary landscape paintings by Julie Houck, photography by Cameron Nelson, mixed media panels by Brad Huck, incredible glass blown sculptures by Evan Schauss, wood ‘portal’ sculptures by Tim Garcia, and so much more.

When planning a visit to Wailea, take a moment to stop into 105 Fine Art. Throughout the month, they have a variety of ‘meet the artist’ events, and guests always have opportunities to learn more about featured artists, mediums, and processes in which they create. Additional 105 Fine Art gallery services include custom art commissions, on-site art placement, and installations.

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Mahalo Nui Loa for reading our list of the best art galleries on Maui. Have a wonderful time during your next trip to Maui, and like a beautiful painting, don’t forget to appreciate all the little details of our illustrious island. What are your favorite galleries on Maui?