Morning Molokini Snorkel Tour

Check In: 7:30am | Depart: 8:00am | Return: 1:00pm


Morning Molokini Snorkel


Kick off your day with an exceptional Maui snorkeling on the pristine waters of Maui. Join us for a Morning Molokini snorkel adventure aboard Maui’s largest and most stable Maxi power catamaran, the “Pride of Maui”.

You’ll experience an unforgettable snorkeling adventure visiting 2 premier Maui snorkel destinations, the infamous Molokini Crater, which is 1 of only 3 semi-submerged volcanic calderas in the entire world, and sea turtle lovers favorite, Turtle Town, where the mild mannered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles congregate along a pristine stretch of the coral reef.

After about an hour and a half at Molokini, you will enjoy ice cold beverages and a freshly prepared BBQ lunch, where delicious food is served “hot off the grill”, as you cruise to your second Maui snorkeling destination, Turtle Town! At Turtle Town, you will enjoy another amazing Maui snorkeling adventure swimming with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in their natural habitat, as they get on with their day along the pristine coral reef. Curious and mild mannered, these wonderful animals may swim up to get an even closer look at you.

Please keep in mind that the Green Sea Turtles are protected by federal regulations and it is strictly prohibited to touch, hold on to, take a ride on, or harass them in any way. By being calm and giving them the space they deserve, the green sea turtles are more inclined to just hang out, for you to view and photograph.

Molokini is not just a geologic marvel, it is an oasis for a variety of marine animals unique only to Maui and only seen on a Maui snorkeling adventure to Molokini. Located about 2.5 miles off the coast of Maui, Molokini is a tropical paradise claimed by colorful and exotic fish. The crater interior is sheltered causing its aquatic inhabitants to flourish. Snorkeling at Molokini is the opportunity of a life time to snorkel at a unique underwater marine sanctuary, featuring a variety of interesting and colorful marine animals.

Molokini is not your run-of-the-mill Maui snorkeling destination. The sheltered water is incredibly clear, with visibility often in excess of 150 feet, making the colors of the underwater vivid and breathtakingly alive. The marine animals are abundant and comfortable swimming near you at this marine sanctuary. Maui snorkeling at Molokini is a much sought-after adventure for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The Morning Molokini Snorkel is the ultimate snorkeling adventure for the entire family.



Maui Whale Watch Cruise

January 1st thru March 31st
Check In: 1:00pm | Depart: 1:30pm | Return: 5:00pm


Whale Watching in Maui Hawaii


The Impeccable Pride of Maui brings you an opportunity to observe and photograph the ocean’s most intelligent and majestic animals, the North Pacific Humpback Whales. During the whale season, the Humpback Whales return in large numbers right back to Maalaea Bay and surrounding waters. We are fortunate to experience close encounters with these magnificent animals on every tour we operate during the Maui whale watching season. Why settle for average Maui whale watching, when you can experience so much more?

The whale watch tour provides the opportunity to view and photograph the whales. We dedicate two hours to whale watching. A freshly prepared BBQ lunch with open bar is optional on the afternoon Maui whale watch. Whale sightings are guaranteed on our afternoon Maui whale watching during the Maui whale watching season.

The majestic humpback whales will often display themselves in their full glory, giving you the ultimate Maui whale watching experience. Some of the common behavior displayed while Maui whale watching includes blowing and spy hopping. They also will slap their tails, believed to be an act of communication and to demonstrate their individual strength. Spy hopping is when the humpback whales come high out of the water to literally have a look around at the world above.

There are incredible photo opportunities Maui whale watching aboard the Pride of Maui. With over 1500 feet of unobstructed panoramic viewing from her upper deck alone, the vistas and photo opportunities aboard are unsurpassed. This truly is the ultimate Maui whale watching experience, where you may even capture on film a full breaching humpback whale from our spacious upper deck, yet another frequent whale behavior frequently observed during our Maui whale watch.

A mature, North pacific Humpback Whale averages about 40 feet in length and weigh up to about 40 tons, although the female whales come in slightly larger up to about 45 feet in length and 45-50 tons. The female humpback whales are slightly larger in order to defend themselves and their nursing calves from the more aggressive male humpback whales. Maui whale watching is so popular, because the North pacific Humpback Whales return to Hawaiian waters every year in very large numbers. Maui has the distinction of far more whales in our waters than any other island, and as compared to anywhere else in the world for that matter, during the Maui whale watching season.

The humpback whales do not come here entirely because of our warm winters, although it is believed that is part of the reason. They return here each year to the very waters where they were conceived and born. Female whales which are not yet pregnant will be impregnated and those that are with calves are here to birth them. The male humpback whales are driven to mate with the females and pro-create. It is common during the heat of the Maui whale watching season to find large competitive groups (pods) of male humpback whales aggressively jousting for the opportunity to mate with a single female. These pods include up to 6 or more animals in hot pursuit of a single female and the action can be heavy, as the males joust and wrestle with each other for the position to mate with the elusive female.


Turtle Watch & Snorkel Adventure

April 1st thru December 31st
Check In: 1:00 pm | Depart: 1:30 pm | Return: 4:30pm


Afternoon Maui Snorkeling



The afternoon snorkel adventure in Maui is an exceptional value. The lunch is complimentary, which includes all of your beverages. We serve ice cold beer, wine, mai tais, soft drinks, juices and filtered water. This is a 3 hour cruise aboard Maui’s finest power catamaran, visiting a “world class” Maui snorkeling destination, with expert and attentive crew, providing all of your equipment needs for about the price of lunch and a couple of drinks at any one of many local eateries. The afternoon Maui snorkel aboard the Pride of Maui is an amazing adventure at an amazing price!


Some folks just don’t like to wake up early on their vacation. Late risers love our Afternoon Turtle Watch & Maui Snorkeling Cruise, aboard Maui’s largest and stable Maxi Power Catamaran, the “Pride of  Maui”. Go ahead and enjoy a few more hours of sleep – And then get ready for an amazing afternoon of Maui snorkeling and FUN. You don’t even have to worry about eating before coming to the boat. Your crew fires up the barbie and grills up thick juicy burgers, marinated breast of chicken, veggie burgers, hot dogs and all the fixins, served with a light pasta salad, vegetable crudite and home made cookies for dessert.

We have exciting Maui snorkeling destinations for the Captain to choose from.  There is Turtle Town, where snorkelers and divers swim on the reef with the famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. These exceptional animals are charmingly hospitable and will gracefully welcome calm swimmers, snorkelers and divers into their aquatic paradise.

When the conditions are unsuitable South at Turtle town, we head North to Olowalu (aka Fantasy Reef), yet another Maui snorkel location where the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles congregate. This is a series of coral outcroppings and ledges running perpendicular to the shore line, where a variety of fish and marine animals are found in large numbers, including the Green Sea Turtles. Another amazing Maui snorkeling destination is Coral Gardens, a grand garden of beautiful corals. A colorful paradise for a variety of fish and aquatic animals, this Maui snorkeling adventure is an awe-inspiring destination.

Rest assured that your Captain will select the very best location for the prevailing conditions and you will experience an unforgettable afternoon of Maui snorkeling adventure.


Maui Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Check In: 4:45pm | Depart: 5:15pm | Return: 7:15pm


Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise


For a one-of-a-kind Maui sunset dinner cruise, join us aboard the Impeccable Pride of Maui, featuring delicious and freshly prepared cuisine, premium open bar, and live music.

Chef Kelly’s guava glazed baby back ribs are so tender, they fall right off the bone. We’re NOT talking about catered boat food delivered hours in advance and kept warm. We’re talking about big racks of marinated baby backs, grilled on-board, exhibition style, and served hot off the grill, by the chef herself.

This is a Maui sunset cruise with plenty of freshly prepared and absolutely delicious food, designed for a broad range of dining interests. For dessert, treat your palate to fresh island fruit and strawberry shortcake with home made whipped cream for dessert.

Find the perfect spot to enjoy unobstructed panoramic views with excellent photo opportunities of Maui’s scenic coastline. Relax with your favorite premium drink served on the main deck at our hardwood bar, where you will be served by our expert and attentive crew. We feature four regional wines from Sonoma, Italy and France with infinite combinations of blended drinks and premium cocktails as well as ice cold imported beer.

We are proud to bring you one of Maui’s finest entertainers aboard your premium Maui dinner cruise. Pride of Maui’s sunset cruise is dedicated to the guest experience. You will experience unsurpassed service, savor the freshest food, and unwind with a broad selection of beverages from our premium bar.

Pride of Maui provides unsurpassed stability and the room to freely move throughout her spacious decks. The professionalism of our highly trained crew takes the concept of quality customer service to a higher level. We are attentive to each and every guest aboard our Maui dinner cruise. Send a toast to the departing sunset. Open the camera lens and capture a magical moment. Sunsets will never be the same again after your Maui sunset cruise aboard the Impeccable Pride of Maui.

Small Boat Trips on Leilani


Leilani is a 50ft Uni-flight power vessel.

Known for building solid boats, Uni-flights are respected sea going yachts. Leilani is well designed for Hawaiian waters with added amenities for your comfort. Her spacious main cabin provides perimeter seating and shelter from inclement weather. There are large windows with plenty of air flow. Forward of the main cabin, is a separate room with private restroom.

Aft on the main deck is a walk through transom, and large swim platform, with submerged ladder, which accommodates easy entry and exit from the water. A freshwater shower is on the weather deck to rinse the salt after snorkeling and diving.

Stairs lead to the upper deck where there is seating for up to 20 passengers. Guests really enjoy the opportunity to share the observation deck and get to know their Captain. Unobstructed views from the upper deck offer excellent photo opportunities. Perimeter seating and wide beam (width), make it easy to move throughout the entire vessel.

Although U.S. Coast Guard certified for 49 passengers, we keep 20% of her capacity open so that you have plenty of room to relax. By limiting the number of passengers we serve, guests are treated to unsurpassed personalized service at an unhurried pace. If you are considering a private charter, we recommend that you keep your total number of passengers to a maximum of 38.

Leilani is extremely well suited to families and groups seeking their own private yacht with an attentive and expert crew. Our Captains have many years of experience on Hawaiian waters and are eager to share their knowledge and passion for the ocean with you and your guests. Less passengers provides the opportunity for our Captain and crew to set a relaxed pace while catering to the needs of our guest. You will appreciate the difference that an unhurried pace means to your special day and overall experience. Our Captain and crew care about you, and it shows!

All of our daily Maui boat charters include delicious food, open bar, and impeccable service. Our Maui private boat charters provide nearly limitless options. Ring us up today to create the perfect event for your family, friends and colleagues. Hosting a private boat charter aboard Leilani is an affordable way to demonstrate how much they mean to you, while enjoying a unique experience not soon forgotten.

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